Feeling a bit chilly now that winter has officially arrived? We do too. And, perhaps like us, you are wishing you were back in the warmth of that Mediterranean kitchen you cooked in during the summer months? We absolutely understand where you’re coming from!

But, having said that, why not create a similar Spanish or Greek-style kitchen back here in old Blighty? It’s not that difficult really. And it may initially cost you the price of a holiday, but at least you’ll have it to come back to year after year. Meanwhile, here are a handful of tips we have come up with on exactly how to achieve the Mediterranean kitchen look and feel. Even incorporating just a handful of them will have you – and your family and friends – feeling sunnier in the kitchen in no time at all:

How to have your Mediterranean kitchen today

Get the correct colours

Think of Spain or the Mediterranean in general and sunny shades of orange, red and yellow spring to mind. If you feel orange or yellow is just that bit too bright for you to have as an all-over kitchen colour then just do one feature wall in a bright colour and the rest plain. Then again, you could always paint the walls in cream and have a vibrant red or yellow backsplash either in the form of ceramic tiles or glass.

Wow with wooden cabinets

That medium to dark wood look is essential to have for your kitchen cabinets. That’s because warm medium wooden cabinet doors look terrific with earthy shades of orange and yellow on the walls. Use orange and yellow for your accessories too ie plates, flower vases, bowls etc. There’s no doubt about it, wooden cabinets in a rich shade also add a touch of rustic charm to a room (and which is what a traditional Spanish kitchen is all about, after all).

Mediterranean kitchen: Keep those curves in

When you look at images of both past and current Mediterranean kitchens it’s all about curves rather than stark lines. Curved furniture allows people to mix more and is considered more ‘sociable’ (just think of rounded sofas). There are many curved kitchen cabinet units and kitchen islands to choose from today. We have many here at Kitchenwarehouse Ltd. You can even buy curved replacement doors from us, if you so fancy. Kitchen cabinets and replacement kitchen cabinet doors come in a range of different finishes. This includes the likes of gloss, matt and acrylic, as well as textured painted and even handleless cabinets. In other words, pretty much whatever you’re after there’s bound to be a kitchen cabinet to tick that particular box.

Blend in burnished copper

Copper pots, in different sizes, and with a sieve to match – preferably hanging from the ceiling on a pully – are perfect for a Mediterranean kitchen. So too is copper in the form of lighting. And what about a big old-fashioned stove-top copper kettle (one with a bent-over spout)? Copper can also be introduced into your kitchen as a fruit bowl, oversized clock or even as shelving brackets.

Mediterranean Kitchen: Use stone to step on

When you think of a traditional Spanish, Greek or Italian kitchen you imagine a flagstone floor. Of course, that would be too cold here in the UK, but you could use grey or sand-coloured tiles with a bright colourful rug laid over them. Then again, you can find some amazing luxury vinyl tiles for flooring today that actually look like the real thing ie stone.

Get granite worktops

On the subject of stone, granite is excellent for worktops. It’s tough, it looks fantastic and it’s not difficult to care for. Patterned granite also covers a multitude of cooking sins (or rather, cuts, dents and burns from absent-mindedly laying pots on the worktops).

Mediterranean kitchen: Consider terracotta tiles

Certainly, a staple of a Spanish and Greek rustic kitchen, terracotta tiles can be used for the floor or as splashbacks. You could even just have the odd tile lying around to lay pots on. Hand-painted tiles as splashbacks are particularly popular in many Mediterranean kitchens and can be used in an ornamental sense too.

Well, have we persuaded you of the aesthetic benefits of a Mediterranean kitchen yet? If so, why not take a look through our selection of wood cabinets and replacement kitchen cabinet doors today? You’re bound to find something that appeals and it could be the start of your redesign towards a warmer kitchen this winter. Now, who could possibly argue with that?