In just a few days, here in the United Kingdom, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day, March 30th marks the annual occasion for honouring maternal bonds, the work put in by mothers all over the world, and motherhood in general. Unfortunately, with the pressures of work and our own families, it can be easy to overlook or take for granted the sheer time, effort and hard work which our mothers have put in through the course of our lives. On Mother’s Day we take time out to say thank you for the years cooking, cleaning and tidying around the house – as well as the countless other jobs that keep today’s mothers with their hands full.

They say that a mother’s work is never done, but as homeowners, we can make small changes for the smoother running of rooms like the kitchen. In honour of the hard work put in around the home by mothers all over the world, and in hope of making the lives of many mothers reading our blog that little bit easier, here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD we’ve looked at some of the most useful and convenient features of any modern kitchen.

Why not see which features already make an appearance in your own kitchen, and whether or not you could save some time or effort with one of these ideas?

3Wall Ovens

With kitchen cabinets, utensils and a host of ingredients all required, the cooking of a meal can easily be a tiring and time-consuming job. Things are only made worse by a low and deep oven, requiring us to bend down and hunch just to check on the progress of the food. A wall oven can save the time and effort of constant bending over when we’re basting the Christmas turkey or turning over a tray of chips, reducing the risk of backache and making cooking a more enjoyable process.

Cabinet Organisers

Shelving and dividers can be used to compartmentalise your cabinets or drawers, separating anything from utensils to ingredients into groups for easy access. Not only will this save time when you’re working to a deadline, but it’ll also save time after the washing up. What’s more, clearly organised storage will help you to spot when any ingredients or tools need replacing.


Hanging Pot and Pan Racks

Hanging racks are a stylish yet functional feature, complementing any style of interior, from contemporary kitchens right through to traditional setups. No longer will you waste minutes rummaging in the far corners of deep cupboards, searching for that particular saucepan. With all pans and pots in plain sight and easy access, your extra cupboard space will also be free to store something else.

Corner Storage

Corner storage is an innovative solution for those smaller rooms where space is at a premium. A kitchen cabinet wrapped around a corner makes the most of the available space, and with the installation of a Lazy Susan or LeMans, they’re ideal for storing anything from spices to tins, crockery to cutlery.

Double Ovens

A double oven can be essential when cooking for large groups or those with different dietary requirements. We can be left in a difficult position when we need to oven cook two foods for different times and at different temperatures, and without a double oven, we’re forced to compromise – usually sacrificing the taste of the food or the timing of the meal in the process. A double oven makes things quicker and easier, and they can even be used for warming plates.

Stainless Backsplash

A backsplash will help to keep your kitchen stylish and hygienic, even with daily cooking. Installing a backsplash behind your open hobs and kitchen worktop will protect the walls from stains, and a smooth surface like glass or stainless steel can easily be wiped clean after use. Splashbacks are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, so you’ll find one to complement your kitchen worktop and overall décor, regardless of whether it’s modern, traditional or rustic.

Utensil Rack

How many times have you wasted minutes searching for a draw full of cutlery and utensils, searching for that one particular tool? It’s always in the last place you look, but a utensil rack will instead allow you to keep your most frequently used tools in plain view and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Utensil racks can be installed along walls or under cabinets, for a storage solution that is convenient and stylish.Hanging pans

Second Sink

A second sink can be a lifesaver at times like Christmas Day when we’re preparing and cooking a lot of different foods simultaneously. While one person is preparing the potatoes or sprouts, a second sink will allow someone else to wash their hands after handling with uncooked meat. With so many different uses for the kitchen sink, a second can save plenty of time and effort.

Sliding Bin and Recycling

Bins for rubbish and recycling are essential in any traditional or contemporary kitchen and are often used as the main bin for the entire house. A bin which slides out from a cupboard or recess makes it easy to take out the rubbish, but it will also help to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. On top of this, they can be installed in almost any kitchen cabinet or worktop, regardless of the style or design.


Today’s dishwashers are more advanced than ever, with large capacities, different modes and separate compartments. From half a glass of juice to an oven dish plastered with baked-on food, modern dishwashers will leave every item sparkling clean at the end of the cycle. After the effort of cooking the meal itself, this can be a lifesaver for many households. As most of today’s dishwashers are actually very eco-friendly, we don’t need to worry about our electricity or water bills either.

These ten useful features of a kitchen can significantly reduce the time and effort spent preparing and cooking in the kitchen, not just by the United Kingdom’s mothers but by the whole family. Are you considering making some changes to your kitchen in the near future? Will you be utilising any of these useful and time-saving ideas?

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