Can I buy a high-quality cheap kitchen?

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A cheap kitchen direct to the public


Can I buy a high-quality cheap kitchen?

The answer to that question is, yes, of course, you can it is like when you buy a second-hand car from an auction rather than a second-hand car salesman, The second-hand car salesman is purely a middleman who has put his markup on a car that he has most probably bought from the auctions. By purchasing the car direct from the auctions it will save you his markup and cut him out of the process.

Cheap Kitchen Units

It is the same when you are buying a new kitchen. If you buy your kitchen units direct from the kitchen manufacture rather than a high street showroom, you will cut out their markup on the new complete kitchen units, making the same kitchen a much cheaper alternative. You need to think that every person that handles your kitchen units from when they are manufactured to when you purchase them will have put a markup on kitchen units, so the more people that are in between them being made to you purchasing them, the more they will cost you. Ultimately the more people you can cut out of the chain in the purchase process the more money you will save, so by dealing directly with a kitchen manufacturer, like us here at the Kitchen Warehouse you will save plenty of money.

This post may sound a little preachy but it is simply what we are passionate about. Why deal with an extra person who will just be adding more expense and markup to a kitchen even though we mostly deal with the exact same manufacturer? We hope that by posting this you will think twice about where you buy your kitchen from.

If you get a quote from a high-street showroom please come see us and we will see what we can do to get the price down.

No nonsense, no middle man markup and no secret added extra costs. Just a fantastic high-quality cheap kitchen.

Browse our full kitchen unit collection today and give our team a call on 01765 640 000 to see how we can help you design a beautiful new kitchen for your home!


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