Is a new kitchen on your 2020 ‘to do’ list? Well, as the dust settles on the festive period, it’s time to start thinking: New Year, New Kitchen! If you want some inspiration then you are in the right place. Whatever your reasons for wanting a new kitchen this year are, at Kitchen Warehouse we’ve got you covered. From styles to materials and lighting choices, here are some great ideas to get you started.

New Year, New Kitchen: Choose your style

The best starting point when it comes to planning a new kitchen is to think about the style you’d like to have. When it comes to style, 2020 looks set to continue many of the  trends that emerged last year, especially as far as colour palettes go.

Neutral, natural and earthy are the colour watchwords at the moment for new kitchens. Dramatic dark tones, such as blues and greens are on trend too. When it comes to contrast, mixed metal is where it’s at.

There is a greater awareness these days about the importance emotional well-being and mental health. Therefore, perhaps it’s not surprising that two ideas intrinsically linked with designs for new kitchens are mindfulness and minimalism. It’s all about decluttering your space and ensuring that only the essential elements remain – but that these permanent fixtures are eye-catching showstoppers. Finally, in terms of style, the trend in the kitchen is towards the smart and sustainable. Appliances and gadgets integrated into designs and stored away from view are very popular at the moment.

New Year, New Kitchen: Love your layout

Homeowners continue to strive for living spaces that enable them to entertain in the comfort of their own home. Unsurprisingly, open plan remains the go-to layout in the kitchen. Many new builds for homes and extensions use open plan layouts, so we are likely to see continued emphasis on kitchen islands with more stool seating in plans for new kitchens during 2020. Clutter-free and creative storage solutions are the norm. And, these are getting ever more ingenious.

The trend for open plan living requires clever storage in the home. This means that items are kept behind closed doors or in cupboards. In turn, this creates a sleek look of sophistication. People want smart storage solutions so that worktops remain clutter-free. Internal storage design is becoming more innovative all the time. The aim is to maximise space and improve organisation.

New Year, New Kitchen: Making the most of materials

With the focus very much on home entertaining, the trend is for new kitchens that provide professional style with bags of practicality. This has led to stainless steel becoming really popular again. Especially fashionable for 2020 will be pairing steel with softer materials to create contrasts. Light coloured woods and marble are favourites. The mix and match approach is one of the key trends for the coming year. Echoing the minimalist style, natural materials are perfect with simple lighting, patterns and colour choices.

Lighting and finishing flourishes and touches

Lighting trends for the year ahead include the likes of pendant lights. This look is particularly striking when the pendants are hung over a kitchen island. It makes a bold and effective design statement, especially in open plan designs.

Homeowners have never had so much choice when it comes to finishes. These days there is a wealth of options to help you top off the perfect final look, whether it be a contemporary or classic and traditional style. Chrome is popular. Brass, copper and rose gold are great choices.

We hope you have taken some inspiration from the ideas in this blog. There are so many choices to make regarding style, colour, materials and lighting at the moment. Hopefully, you will now have a good understanding of what the current trends and fashions are in terms of kitchen design. Of course, at the end of the day, everything comes down to personal choice.

The bottom line is if it’s right for you then it’s right for you! But, at the very least, we’ve now given you some food for thought and you can get your kitchen planning ball rolling.

Do you want to start planning your new kitchen today? Get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team and let’s get the conversation started.