Kitchens like all rooms go out of style – it is just the way it is. Fashion dictates what we like, what we used to like and what we want to change.

For a lot of us, the thought of a kitchen refurbishment may equate to thoughts of large costs. However, it needn’t be the case. There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen a lot more fashionable without a lot of costs.

Recognising whether your kitchen needs an upgrade is the first step to deciding on an upgrade. Here the Kitchen Warehouse team take a look at some of the things that could be a red flag.

Just You

Nobody wants to spend time in a cramped or small kitchen and if you find this is the case it could be down to the layout. Cramped and constricting layouts are not enjoyable to stand around in and if your kitchen is badly laid out then it could be worth considering a refurb.


If everything gets lost in the kitchen or is items are hard to find, it could be down to storage problems. If you spend minutes digging through your kitchen units for ingredients, or find your drawers hold mysteries from the last decade, then get planning an overhaul.

Old Appliances

It is great that fridges and other items last the test of time. However, what’s not good is that they are likely to be noisy, out of fashion and also will eat electricity and energy. If your appliances are older than you are you may need to consider an upgrade.


A bad kitchen is often a dark kitchen and this can cause a mood of doom and gloom. Nobody wants a dreary home, but if your kitchen is aged it could be a bit depressing.


One of the amazing things about new complete kitchen units is that they are a lot easier to keep tidy and clean than the kitchens of old. Modern materials are made from easy to clean materials. In addition, they are laid out better, don’t have unwelcome cracks where dirt gets trapped and can be wiped in seconds.

Food Prep

The kitchen layout should ideally be triangular and allow for plenty of room and ease of access to ingredients, sink and waste disposal. If you have to trek back and across the room to do any of these when preparing food then it may be down to the fact that the layout is poor. In addition, if your kitchen is laid out so that only one person can work there at a time, then you may need a re-think.


Kitchens are used and used heavily at that and if your kitchen seems like a little bit of a myriad of cracked tiles and broken doors – it’s time to consider changing things a little. Old broken appliances, smashed tiles and loose doors give the abandoned feel nobody wants and should be changed.


Of course, kitchen envy is a very real problem too. If you walk into a friend’s kitchen and your immediate reaction is envy, you may need to treat yourself to new kitchen doors at the very least. Seeing a beautiful new, polished kitchen can put your own old mess into perspective and improvements can be the thing that changes that.

Market Value

A new shiny kitchen adds value to a home, makes it more desirable and will make it far easier to sell when the time comes. Visitors will always make a B line for the kitchen and if yours is up to their standard it makes your home a lot easier to sell for a higher price.

A new kitchen or replacement kitchen doors are a wonderful thing and an old one can be the opposite. So, consider the points we have made above – you may need a new kitchen for your home.