Hands up who likes life to be made easy for them in the kitchen? Quite a few of us we’ll bet due to the – at times – hectic pace of life these days. Having said that, we still love to cook from scratch; it’s relaxing, after all. And it’s even more soothing and fun if your kitchen happens to be equipped with some of the latest must-have accessories below:

Soothing soft closing cabinet doors

Cooking – especially food preparation – can be intensely relaxing (all that rhythmic chopping etc). But when it comes to the actual cooking itself well, that’s when things literally begin to heat up. And your nerves too can reach boiling point as you prepare to concentrate on getting the timings perfect for your impromptu feast. So, the last thing you need is banging kitchen doors which make you jump when your other half gets out the plates and glasses. Hence the reason why soft close cabinet door hinges are a bit of a Godsend as far as we’re concerned folks.

Beautiful big Belfast sink

small kitchen sink

Yes, those modern granite and stainless-steel sinks look fabulous in a new kitchen setting. And they’re certainly incredibly popular at this moment in time. But then the traditional ceramic Belfast sink can also add a certain grandeur to today’s kitchen designs. An undermount sink (ie it is installed to sit under the worktop rather than on top of it), the large Belfast sink provides plenty of space for washing vegetables, cleaning dishes or even bathing toddlers. Not only that but this type of must-have accessory looks perfect with rustic Shaker kitchen cabinets too.

A brilliant bottle loft

We’ve only just discovered this nifty little invention but boy, does it make sense – especially if you don’t have enough room in your kitchen for another fridge (even a small under-counter version) in which to store your bottles of lager. The Bottle Loft consists of three strips of super-strong neodymium magnets – enough for a six pack of beer – which you attach to the ceiling of the freezer. You attach the bottles by their metal tops and basically, they just hang there like stalactites until you’re ready to drink one. The genius part is that because they’re hanging from the roof of the ceiling; the bottles don’t take up any shelf space. A must-have accessory if ever we saw one!

Smart storage drawer dividers

When you’re in a hurry to cook there really is nothing more frustrating than having to rummage through a drawer to find what you’re looking for. Not to mention the fact that nine times out of ten you end up skewering your finger on one of those screw-type bottle openers. Well, you can now relax. Our kitchen cabinets can come complete with a Quick Storage Divider. That way there’s a place for everything and everything stays in place. Or it should if family members or flatmates remember to put it back correctly. Even if they don’t, it still won’t take you as long to find the item you need – because this time you’ll be able to spot it the minute you open the drawer (saving valuable cooking time in the process).

Snazzy self-watering herb pot

You know how you have all these fabulous ideas about growing a selection of herbs in your kitchen? The idea being that you can simply reach out and pick them at will and add them to your cooking? Well, we both know that it works for a few weeks, then we forget to water them and they dry up. But, with a self-watering kitchen herb pot that latter scenario is going to be a thing of the past. We know, we’ve tried it. Made from glass and ceramic, the herbs sit on the pot which in turn sits on an attached beaker of water. The herbs then ‘help themselves’ to water when thirsty – so to speak.

Perfect pull out waste bin

Prevent a mess building up in the corner of your kitchen from an overflowing pedal bin by investing in a drawer-type pull out waste bin. This is built into the cabinets so won’t take up valuable floor space in the kitchen. And it means all the rubbish is contained in one place. Easy to take out and empty, you can also have two bins – one for recycling and the other food peelings etc (that way the chickens won’t miss out on the food scraps either).