Wondering what the biggest Pinterest design trends are right now?

If you have ever embarked upon any type of interior makeover, it’s very likely that you would have turned to Google for your first source of inspiration. And at the top of the search results, it is likely you would have stumbled across Pinterest.

Packed with stunning images of fantastic interiors, Pinterest offers a world of inspiration for anyone looking to renovate any area of their home.

Like an online “mood board” Pinterest offers a quick visual discovery tool that allows you to collect together great ideas packed full of inspiration for your home.

From gathering inspiration for a full kitchen renovation, to simply getting some cool ideas for the autumn season, Pinterest provides the perfect platform on which to build your vision.

With that in mind, we looked at the top ten interior searches on Pinterest this autumn and uncover how you can incorporate them into your kitchen design.

What’s on the list? The top 10 autumn design trends in 2021

  1. Nature inspired (287,506 pins)
  2. Classic contemporary (190,090 pins)
  3. Room dividers (108,708 pins)
  4. Silver furnishings (94,625 pins)
  5. Dark green décor (90,870 pins)
  6. Shaped furniture (68,248 pins)
  7. Warm neutrals (66,476 pins)
  8. Layered rooms (51,678 pins)
  9. Mixed textures (35,299 pins)
  10. Reading corner (18,777 pins)

Incorporating Pinterest design trends into your kitchen

While of course, trends come and go – you will likely want your kitchen to last long beyond a single season. So, while some trends in this list can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinetry itself, some ideas may be less long-lasting.

Of course, with Kitchen Warehouse, it’s always possible to quickly and easily change just your kitchen doors, rather than the entire kitchen carcass, making it easier to choose a new style without breaking the bank.

However, some of our ideas below can be just for the season, and some trends really are not trends at all, but timeless design styles that people will always be searching for.

With that in mind, we discuss how you can make the most of these design ideas in the kitchen.


Nature-inspired kitchens

nature inspired kitchen

It’s no surprise that, after 2 years of lockdown and uncertainty, people are now searching on Pinterest for ways to bring nature into the home. And the kitchen is one of the best places to do so.

If your kitchen is adjacent to your garden or balcony, a fantastic way to bring the feeling of nature to the space is by breaking down visual barriers between inside and outside space. Our great guide to bringing the outside into your kitchen provides some amazing ideas to create a seamless flow between the two spaces.

Materials also allow you to bring a sense of nature into your kitchen space. Think natural wood for your worktops, or natural looking stone flooring.

Choosing kitchen cabinets colours that invoke a sense of nature can also paint a picture of the natural world – our Solid Wood Wakefield Green Painted kitchen units give a nod to nature. In gentle sage green, they are in a traditional shaker style providing a timeless design.

Another great way to introduce a natural feel into your kitchen is through clever use of plants or if you’re not so green-fingered, through choosing naturally inspired art. According to research, even viewing a picture of a seascape can help to calm stress.

Classic contemporary kitchens

Classics are called classic for a reason. And when it comes to our kitchens, we often want a space that offers timeless elegance in order that the design and style can weather changes in design trends, and still look as enticing as ever.

As one of the most used rooms in our homes, many of us want our kitchen to feel modern, but without being too “out there”. And as one of the spaces which can impact property value when selling, we want kitchens that feel up to date, but without being so fashionable that the design is divisive.

One of the most popular styles of kitchen is the Shaker kitchen. The beauty of the shaker design is that, while the overarching style is classic, it’s easy to bring contemporary twists to the look.

Choosing high gloss shaker kitchen can bring a contemporary feel to a traditional style, or even something as simple as updating your kitchen handles can create the look of a classic contemporary kitchen.

Of course, choosing a stunning colour can also make for a contemporary take on a classic – just look at our Aldana Viridian sold wood shaker kitchen pictured above!

Room dividers

divide room

There can be little doubt that this Pinterest trend has sprung from the need for separation that has come as a result of more individuals working from home. We are seeing a need for creating space both away from others working in the home alongside us, but also to make a clear delineation between home and work life. We want spaces in our homes that have a clear message “this is a place for work, this is a place to relax”

Interestingly, in many cases, the kitchen has always been a multi-functional space. It’s where we cook, eat, work, entertain and potentially relax. While room dividers may not be quite the right look for many kitchens, there are still ways in which we can create a feeling of moving between spaces in the kitchen by creating “zones”.

Zones are spaces that can be created through the change of materials, lighting or even flooring. Find out more about creating kitchen zones.

Silver Furniture

As the trend for grey across interior design shows no sign of abating, it is not a surprise that silver furniture is in the top five autumn design trends on Pinterest. While we don’t think the world is quite ready for full-on silver kitchen cabinetry (yet), there are certainly some fantastic ways to introduce metallics into the kitchen.

Of course, in a world of chrome fittings, silver “white” goods and handles one could argue that silver furniture has long been part of kitchen design.

Joining the look up and bringing it to the forefront can be as simple as adding a silver mirror, or simply throwing a few silks silver cushions to your kitchen chairs.

For those who want to incorporate a little more of this trend, grey kitchen units our dust grey shaker kitchen units are ideal. Mix and match with natural-looking worktops, chrome handles and silver accessories to enhance the look.

Dark Green Décor

Daring dark colours have been on the menu for interior trends for some time now, and dark green décor seems to be leading the way.

When it comes to the kitchen, being judicious with the colour is best. While dark green kitchen units are still fairly unusual in the modern kitchen using dark green paint to complement more neutral or white kitchen units can be a fantastic way to bring the trend to life.

We are also seeing an upsurge in using dark green in splashbacks, alongside accessories and soft furnishings to make the most of this style.

Another way to really set off the dark green is to use a lighter green shade in your kitchen units. Our range of mussel coloured kitchen units provides a stunning contrast to dark green walls.

Shaped Furniture

From using Geometrics to create visual interest to rounding off rooms with smooth corners, when it comes to interior design, many of us are now looking for furniture that draws the eye and feels a little unexpected.

And there are some great ways to introduce this trend into your kitchen space. One idea is to choose geometric patterns for your tiling – think diamond shapes, chevrons, and bold patterns. Unusually patterned tiles or splashbacks can be a great way to introduce an extra dimension to your kitchen style.

Kitchen flooring can also introduce a playful sense of shape into your kitchen – think patterned ceramic tiles or even a clever vinyl.

For those who love a smooth finish, introducing rounded edges into your kitchen creates a sense of balance and calm. Rounded kitchen units can make a space really flow, and also has the additional benefit of being extremely family-friendly, with no hard corners posing any head bumping danger.


Warm Neutrals

kitchen colour

less is more when using bold colours in small areas

If Pinterest had been around twenty, thirty or even fifty years ago, we imagine those warm neutrals still would have appeared on the list! We love neutral colours in our homes as they are timeless and what is more, they offer a steady backdrop on which to paint our colour pallet as we wish.

The beauty of choosing neutrally coloured kitchen units is that it offers us so much diversity when it comes to making changes to colour schemes elsewhere in the kitchen. Cream coloured kitchen units can be bought to life with colourful splashbacks. Or a stylish off white can be accessorised with accents of colour in accessories.

A kitchen should be a place of comfort, therefore it’s a place where the emphasis on “warm” is very welcome. Take a look at our modern shaker porcelain units for the ultimate warm neutral which can be enhanced with natural stone worktops, or bought to life with colourful tiling.


Layering design in kitchens

Layering a room involves using a mixture of different shapes, textures and patterns to create depth and contrast. The idea is to create a room that is well balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Layering in the kitchen can involve adding different materials, colours, metals and textiles. Think of contrasting your upper kitchen units with your base units. Or creating visual interest with a statement island in the middle of the space.

A layered feel can also be achieved by the clever use of kitchen lighting. Just like zoning we use lighting to create a different feel for each space in the kitchen.

Layering is really about creating your blank palette and building on it, so think about how you add the little touches to your kitchen space.


Mixed Textures in kitchens

Very similar to layering, the trend for mixed textures is designed to provoke a visual interest by contrasting different material and textures within your design.

When it comes to kitchens, this can mean mixing wood, stone or metals to create a finish that draws the eye and gives a sense of depth to your kitchen design.

What is so exciting about mixing textures in the kitchen is that the possibilities are endless, and you can be as bold or as traditional as you like. Think smooth shaker kitchen units in a bold colour, mixed with dazzling worktops with a granite finish.

Or add texture within the units themselves. Take a look at these driftwood units, which can be blended with lighter coloured wood throughout the design to create a layered look which still has a real feeling of nature.


Reading Corner

reading corner

Whether you are a genuine bookworm, or just love the idea of a cosy nook in which to while away an hour or two, a reading corner conjures up feelings of comfort and security.

And while many of us don’t have the space to incorporate a full-on library into our homes, carving out a small space that can serve as a reading corner can be a pretty realistic goal.

When it comes to kitchens, for those with a larger space, they can be the ideal room in which to create your reading corner – even if your greatest love it to cosy up with your favourite cookbook while dreaming up dinner.

And even for smaller kitchen spaces, adding open shelving or glass-fronted kitchen units can give you that little space in which to keep your most treasured recipes.

Whatever your design idea for the kitchen, incorporating some of these autumn trends is sure to give your space a new lease of life.