Last month we brought you some kitchen colours that you might not have thought about when picturing your overall kitchen design. But this time we are on hand to deliver you some timeless shades that have proven popular choices for kitchens for many years. As we all know, painted kitchens are a great way of bringing out your creative side, allowing you to opt for colours that a solid wood or high gloss finish simply wouldn’t accommodate as effectively.

There is little debate surrounding why painted kitchens have been so popular for such a prolonged period. They suit those that have a vision of their ideal colourway, as well as those that are open to experimentation. But if you’re still on the fence and are looking for a tried and tested colour to set you on your way, then you have come to the right place!

Here are some of the popular we find in kitchens up and down the UK.


Green is arguably the most popular colour for a kitchen, and it is easy to see why. It lends itself towards the soft, appealing tone that many strive for in the busiest room of the home. Moreover, this colour provides some calm to an area that can often become quite loud and overwhelming. Green is often seen as a neutral colour that is the go between when two contrasting designs are being discussed.

However, green proves itself to be more than a happy medium, as it has many stand out qualities. It can create a natural feel that can complement your outdoor setting, meaning that eyes don’t have to quickly adjust to a wild colour when entering the room. This allows you to create a peaceful design that is easy on the eye and will be for many years to come! Be sure to check out our popular sage green kitchen doors on site now!


Much like its green counterpart, blue promotes a feeling of calmness and tranquillity. After all, clear blue skies and light waves on a deep blue sea are what instantly comes to mind when you picture a stereotypical harmonious setting.

Who doesn’t want to balance the hustle and bustle of a packed and crowded kitchen with something that is soothing and provokes relaxation?

Blue is also capable of being a versatile colour that can work perfectly with many different shades that can play second fiddle. If you need blue to make your room become a cosy retreat, or to make it stand out from the rest, its adaptability ensures that it can be a popular choice for many.


If you are wanting to own the whitest, brightest kitchen around, then you are guaranteed to make your room an area that is brimming with personality. For many, white is still a sure fire way to make your interior décor look crisp and clean. By implementing white to your kitchen, you can make the space feel airy and larger than life in more ways than one!

Although white kitchen units and doors will require more maintenance than darker shades, your persistence will pay off as you will be left with a stunning finish that will be sure to appeal to both homeowners and visitors for years to come. Whether you are based in a small, cosy cottage setting or a larger urban home, white is a versatile colour that can combine with many other shades to create your ultimate look.

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