Professional Kitchen Fitters Reveal Out-of-Date Food Haunting Cupboards Across the United Kingdom


Experts at Kitchen Warehouse LTD have recently revealed the extent of the out-of-date food and ingredients that their professionally trained kitchen fitters encounter on an almost daily basis.

Whether they are giving old cabinets a modern makeover or designing a brand new kitchen from scratch, staff from the Ripon-based company really have seen it all; over the past nine years. From the heart of London to the quiet countryside, in one-bedroom flats to three-storey mansions and everything in between, long forgotten out-of-date food is a common discovery for the designers and fitters at Kitchen Warehouse LTD.

Daniel Beadle, the Director of Kitchen Warehouse LTD and a fifteen year veteran of the kitchen fitting industry, says: “We replace many kitchens every month and find that a lot of our customers discover really old tins hidden in the back of the cupboard – some dating back more than an entire decade.”

Kitchen Warehouse LTD staff have discovered all varieties of forgotten food – from once-pristine slices of wedding cake to crumbling packets of chicken stock, and not to mention a diverse range of baked beans, tinned vegetables and other canned foods from the millennium panic a whole fourteen years ago.

In fact, the North Yorkshire company’s team of kitchen fitters have made discoveries of tins, jars and packages up to twenty years past their use-by date. Beadle added: “We find that during the kitchen removal inside a customer’s home, we always seem to discover an item that is many years out of date – but still sitting in the cupboard. On average, most people will have at least one item that is around 5 years out of date – if not more!”

Despite these long-since-forgotten discoveries, the team continue to reward their customers with the highest quality kitchen units on the market. Once the previous kitchen cabinets have been cleared, cleaned and removed, the new-look kitchen is assembled and installed to the standards that can be expected from a team with combined decade’s of experience. Their newly-installed kitchens are designed to last for many years, providing an attractive hub for the house and serving as a backdrop to birthday parties, three course meals, the occasional baking disaster, and – as seems to be the case – a handful of long-expired tins of food.

Kitchen Warehouse LTD’s Daniel Beadle has also revealed his own kitchen cupboard faux pas, which he has since developed into a form of challenge amongst friends and family. When Beadle purchased his current house some five years ago, his initial renovations revealed something unexpected – a dusty, faded bottle of Heineken found lingering at the rear of a decrepit kitchen cabinet. Despite the previous owner’s obvious gesture of kindness towards the new inhabitants of the house, the beer was unfortunately some three years out of date. However, the bottle was kept as a souvenir and is still in existence today.

The company director’s bottle of Heineken made a second appearance several weeks later, when a close friend of Beadle held a house-warming party. He said: “At first it was only a laugh to get me out of buying a bottle of wine for a friend’s girlfriend, but it just took off and has since became famous.”

Since its first appearance, the same unique bottle has been passed from host to host at dozens of different events, parties and get-together. Beadle could shed more light on the bottle’s chequered past, revealing that: “It has been presented at no less than seven housewarmings, four engagement parties, three baby showers, six christenings, two weddings and even a funeral. The bottle is priceless and everyone’s favorite date. Plus, it has saved us a small fortune in gifts over the years. Soon we will be passing it onto the next generation, and hopefully our children will carry on the tradition.”

Could you challenge Daniel Beadle’s 9 years-too-late Heineken bottle with your own can, tin or bottle? Why not let Kitchen Warehouse LTD know what old items are hiding in your kitchen cupboards on Facebook or Twitter ?




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