A small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to think small. If you have limited room to work with, then it’s important to maximise the storage space you do have, and there are a whole host of clever ways you can design your kitchen in a small space – starting with a pull out larder.

If you don’t have room to use space above your base kitchen units, thanks to low ceilings or tall kitchen cabinets, then pull out larder units are an effective option and smart addition to your kitchen. The larder’s slim vertical kitchen doors are perfect for compact kitchens, with even one pull out larder unit making a big difference to the storage you have available.

What Are Pull Out Larder Units?

Pull out units give you great flexibility when it comes to storing items in your kitchen. Designed vertically rather than horizontally, they work in the same way as a drawer but with an open side for easy access. Here is a great example of a pull out larder unit if you’re still unsure how they work.

Pull out larders also often have different compartments for different types of food, or cleaning products, allowing you to arrange these in a way that suits you best.

Why do pull out larders make good storage?

A kitchen pull out larder’s accessibility is one of the main reasons they are becoming more and more popular. Gone are the days when you put something at the back of the cupboard, only to forget about it and next find it when it’s months out of date. With this kitchen storage solution, you can easily see – and access – the back of the cupboard, without having to empty half its contents out first.

What are the disadvantages of a pull out larder?

Although pull out larder units are a fantastic kitchen storage solution, they do have a couple of drawbacks.

Without a doubt, they offer convenience and help to maximise awkward spaces, but these units won’t hold as many products as a standard kitchen cupboard or drawer. So don’t be tempted to overload – balancing items on top of each other can see contents spilling out on to the floor when the door is pulled open. You also need to watch that smaller items are carefully placed as they can be susceptible to falling through the wire drawer.

Is a pull out larder unit worth installing?

If you are in need of better storage in your small kitchen, then a slide out larder unit is an effective way of achieving this without taking up too much space. These units not only allow you to see everything that is stored but are also attractive and sought after part of modern kitchen design too.

If you have a pull out larder in your kitchen, what do you think of it? We’d love to hear from you! Or, having read this post, do you feel like they are a good method of storage? Please let us know here at Kitchen Warehouse, where we are available on our contact us page, on 01765 640 000 or via contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.