Are quartz kitchen worktops worth the cost? Well, the short answer is: ‘Yes!’ But, of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. As they don’t come cheap, it’s important that you make a fully informed decision about whether investing in a quartz worktop is worth the cost and is really the right decision for you. This blog will answer the question asked by many over the years, are quartz worktops good or is there a better alternative?

How much does a kitchen cost?

Of course, asking this question is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is. There are many variables to consider and a multitude of factors to think about. Essentially though, everybody has a budget that they are prepared to go to when it comes to kitchen design or refurbishment. Similarly, everybody has their ‘red lines’ and ‘must haves’ – the things that they just simply have to have.

The choice of worktop for your kitchen is one of those important decisions. It’s now down to you to decide just how important the worktop is for you. And this is what this blog is all about.

Quartz kitchen worktops: How do average prices compare?

Again, this is something of an open-ended question. However, it’s worth starting off by taking a look at the average prices for all the main different materials that are typically used for kitchen worktops.

At the lower end of the scale are granite worktops. The average price per square metre weighs in at around £260-£270. Having said that, high-end granites can be much more expensive, at £400+ per square metre.

In the middle of the price range for kitchen worktops comes marble. The average price per square metre tends to be around the £300 mark. The extra price is a price worth paying. However, you should be aware that very careful maintenance is vital with marble. With proper care, it can look great for decades. Without proper care, you could be looking to replace your marble worktop after only a couple of years.

Ceramic materials are 100% natural but the manufacturing process is complicated. Therefore, the price of ceramic worktops reflects this. Prices usually start from around £450 per square metre.

All this means that quartz kitchen worktops are at the top end of the price scale. If you have asked “are quartz worktops expensive?” then note that the average price of quartz is typically around £475 per square metre. To be fair, you can get cheaper (£200-£250). Equally, it can cost you much more (upwards of £900). As a man-made material, it takes more intensive resources to make  worktops from quartz than it does from other materials.

Of course, although the price is higher, the quality that you get with quartz kitchen worktops is high too. Absorbency is down to the bare minimum these days and quartz is incredibly durable and easy to look after.

Quartz worktops: Great durability and appearance

Most people know about the fantastic durability that quartz has. However, durability is by no means the only thing quartz has got going for it. You’ll find a vast array of choices of colour and pattern, meaning that finding the specific look you want for your kitchen should always be possible. What’s more, with quartz kitchen worktops you have the massive advantage of a luxurious and glossy finish.

On top of that, the super strength that you have with quartz means that the worktop will not chip or crack. Another plus point is that quartz is very stain resistant. No spills will stain it, adding to the durability of the material.

Finally, in terms of appearance, it’s also worth remembering that although granite and quartz worktops both show seams from installation, it’s much easier to hide these with a quartz worktop. The best ‘hide the seams’ option is to choose quartz that is solid coloured.

Cleaning quartz worktops is easy

Quartz kitchen worktops are easy to clean and care for. There is no need to use a specialist soap or cleaner. An everyday mild detergent or even simply soap and warm water are just the job. Cleaning in this way from time to time will ensure that the quartz retains its radiance and gloss for years to come. Aggressive cleaners should never be used on quartz. However, the good news is that if you do expose a worktop to a product with alkaline levels by mistake, as long as you clean the affected area with water immediately, you should avoid any lasting damage.

The answer to the question of whether quartz are worktops worth the cost or not has to come down to personal preference. At least now you will have a better idea whether quartz kitchen worktops are for you. If they are, and you’d like some more help and advice, get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team.