Fancy revving your boring black and white kitchen up a little? Then do so, by adding some glamour in the form of an exciting and rather saucy red kitchen make-over.

A colour that in many Mediterranean countries signifies energy and passion, red is bold, attention-seeking – but has also been known to raise blood pressure (so use sensibly)!

Seriously though, how do you add such a bright and dazzling hue without going over-board? Well, you do so in such a manner that your red kitchen is subtle and tasteful in a ‘less is more’ kind of way. Or, you go the full hog and simply dazzle.

Anyhow, whichever route you choose to go down we have some fab red kitchen ideas for you to think about right here:

Only paint the lower cabinets

If you are nervous about going ‘all out’ with the red paint brush (or in some cases glossy laminate spray) then just paint one half of your kitchen cabinets red. Or, replace one set of doors with red replacement cabinet doors.

That could be either the lower set or the upper cabinet doors. The upper cabinets are obviously more visible because they are at eye level, while the lower cabinets will be underneath your darker (charcoal or grey) worktop. Both will make a difference though, by adding some ‘red energy’ to your room. Once you get used to having red kitchen cabinets, of course, you can paint the other half of your cabinets too.

Red kitchen: modernise that farmhouse look

The great thing about using the colour red in your kitchen is that it can chime in with a number of different design styles. It even suits an Industrial Design look, provided you don’t use too much of it. Certainly, red is great in a modern or contemporary kitchen and it always works for an eclectic look. It doesn’t take much red to bring a farmhouse kitchen more up-to-date. Simply invest in a large red stove, making it the focal point in a kitchen which has cream-coloured units. Next, invest in a few accessories of a similar red shade. This could be a kettle, chopping board, red dish towels, art work etc.

Add red to black and white

Red is a great colour to add to monochrome black and white. It can help balance the oppressiveness of the two-tone kitchen by adding, for instance, red stools, curtains, or large red shelving (just make sure you use neutral tableware and accessories inside the shelving to make sure there’s no clashing tones).

Glorify your ceiling

Nervous about adding red to your kitchen at eye level – or any level, for that matter? Then there is a simple way to incorporate it that certainly won’t overpower. Paint your ceiling red! That way you will only notice it if you look up – although you will see it when you walk into your kitchen. It’s such a great way of adding character to a neutral room without being too ‘in your face.’

Fortify your flooring

And, in a similar vein, the kitchen floor is also a great place to ‘redden up’ a wishy-washy neutral kitchen. A red kitchen floor is more visible than a red ceiling, but it also has more impact. A red floor looks terrific when the colour is on shiny vinyl tiles, wood or even painted concrete. One thing is for sure – it will certainly pose a talking point with your friends and neighbours. And in a good way.

Different shades of red

There are, of course, many different shades of the colour red. From cherry red to the more maroon burgundy, orangey brick red and very dark liquorice red, there are so many variations. This means that it will probably take you equally as long to choose the right shade as it does to decide how to incorporate it in your room. So, make sure to give yourself plenty of time for planning your red kitchen.

Get in touch for ideas and design touches

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