Are you dreaming of a new kitchen but the cost, the time and mess is holding you back?  We have seven tips to show you how to refresh your space without pulling apart your kitchen.  We show you how to create a new kitchen cheaply and easily.

Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors

For lots of households especially in the current economic climate re-fitting, your kitchen is unfortunately not on the cards.  Yes, it can be very disheartening but don’t worry because we provide fantastic replacement kitchen cupboard doors.

replacement kitchen cupboard doors

Well designed compact kitchen

Refresh your kitchen doors with our fantastic doors in a whole array of finishes.  There is an extensive range of colours designed for your kitchen space.  Our replacement kitchen cupboard doors can really provide a fresh lease of life to a kitchen and make it seem a lot fresher. Like all of our kitchen products, our kitchen doors are finished to the highest standards and we are more than happy to offer plenty of advice on the best way to fit, what to fit and what we think will look good in your kitchen space. All of our salesmen are expert kitchen fitters so they know exactly what they are doing, and how to advise you to complete the best replacement kitchen cupboard doors fitting possible. So, if you need some help in that area, please contact us for details.

Enjoy Shopping for Handles

A new door handle for your cupboards is one of the most popular ways to freshen your kitchen.  Sleek and contemporary handles look superb against gloss, white and black doors.  Wooden round door handles will instantly update a country kitchen and our classic cup handles, in white, will give your traditional kitchen a modern twist.  Once you start researching kitchen accessories you will quickly notice there is a significant amount of handles on the market.  This cost-effective but simple update can really change the way your kitchen looks.  Once you have painted your kitchen doors and added your new handles be prepared for guests to compliment your kitchen.

Replace the Kitchen Tiles

Another popular way of updating your kitchen is replacing the kitchen tiles.  For many this can seem like a lot of expense, but did you know there is another solution available to you?  Paint your tiles.  Yes that’s right you can brush over your existing kitchen tiles and there are a variety of colours available to you.  If you would like your tiles to look to added depth use a white grout pen as this will add dimension.

Repaint the Kitchen

Everyone loves a room that has a fresh coat of paint on it.  A lick of paint can completely transform a room.  Paint the entire room including the ceiling for a bright, clean and fresh look.  Add personality to the room with creativity.  Think chalkboard painted wall or features walls.  We recommended a chalkboard as they are the perfect way to write your shopping lists!

Experiment where possible – don’t hold back.  Consider wallpapers for your kitchen they are designed to withstand water, heat and grease.  And there are some really good designs on the market!

magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

Steam clean your Kitchen

It may not seem an obvious way of freshening your kitchen but giving your cupboards a deep clean will ensure you get up behind those nooks and crannies that have barely seen any daylight. In addition, if you have a carpet then renting a carpet cleaner can be a good idea too!

Jazz up your Kitchen with Accessories

Adding a few simple accessories to your kitchen can make a significant difference.  A new blind added to the window or vinyl flooring can be a very cost effective way of getting a new look.

Upcycle Furniture

It is always worth noting that small changes do call out for creativity so that they stand out from the rest of your room.  Did you know revamping old furniture that looks tired and old can be updated with a lick of paint and old dining chairs can be updated with replacement cushions?

It is very easy to add an artistic touch to pieces of furniture. Get inspiration from the internet and magazines.

Upcycling as it is commonly known works well on almost everything.  Sand down your piece of furniture (table, chairs or shelf) and repaint it to your preferred colour.

Hopefully, we have shown you how to jazz up your kitchen cheaply and stylishly.  These are just a few tips, there are plenty more ways to freshen your kitchen.

We are always available to help people with kitchen spaces and we know what it takes to create a new kitchen feel. So, whether you’re looking for a new kitchen space, want an update or just want replacement kitchen cupboard doors, then we’re here to help you and to ensure that the kitchen is as good as it can possibly be. Get in touch and we’ll start you on the right path.