Brexit has spurned a lot of talk over the future of the UK housing market.

With the news that the average sale of a UK property is down by £3,600 in the last month, there have been concerns among homeowners who are thinking of selling their house.

At the Kitchen Warehouse, we are not just focused on the design of your new kitchen but we are also concerned about how it impacts the rest of your home. Replacement cupboard doors can revitalise your kitchen design but can they increase the value of your property?

While bigger projects such as adding a conservatory or turning your garage into a liveable area can do wonders to increase not only the value of your property but its attractiveness to buyers, sometimes smaller things can have a big effect too.

Even if you aren’t thinking of selling your home just yet, replacement cupboard doors can still have a positive impact on your property value in the future. So, can replacement cupboard doors boost the price of your home?

Cost Of Replacement Cupboard Doors

What seems to put many people off renovating their kitchen is the cost or rather that perceived cost of buying replacement kitchen doors.  The truth is that replacement doors aren’t going to go into the thousands unless you have an extraordinary big kitchen.

Let’s look at an example.

Our high gloss white replacement cupboard doors bring a striking design to your kitchen with a clean and bright finish. If you need a modern feel to your room then these doors will certainly offer this and they work great in smaller kitchens due to their reflective style which helps to create the perception of more space. Let’s say you need 8 replacement cupboard doors and 3 drawers. Now, depending on the size of your kitchen, this can come in between £300 – £400 before fitting.

This is a far cry from the thousands of pounds many people think it will cost. Will a few new cupboard doors add thousands to your property? Not by themselves. However, if your kitchen looks newer then there is a far better chance of your home being attractive to potential buyers.

Does It Matter What Kind Of Doors You Have?

In a word, no.

What replacement cupboard doors you choose really depends on the style of your kitchen. For instance, if you have a very traditional looking kitchen that is reminiscent of a country cottage 50 years ago then handleless high gloss doors probably aren’t going to look right – solid oak replacement cupboard doors will be a better choice.

Likewise, if you have an ultra-modern and minimalist kitchen then a Roma classic painted range will look slightly out of place.

replacement kitchen doors

Replacement Kitchen Doors – Kitchen Warehouse

The key is to get the balance right. Replacement cupboard doors can make your kitchen look newer, fresher and more attractive but they need to be the right doors to fit in with your existing (or new) kitchen design. It doesn’t matter specifically what type they are but what does matter is that they compliment the rest of the room.

A Higher Property Value?

Let’s move onto the crux of this blog post – can replacement cupboard doors increase your property value?

A completely new kitchen can add between 4 – 6% onto the value of your property, however, the cost of this can reach thousands of pounds. The average price of a complete kitchen renovation is around the £8000 mark and even more if you have a larger room or have any special requirements.

Making your property more attractive to buyers doesn’t need to cost this amount of money. Replacement cupboard doors can see a good return on investment (ROI) by getting your home sold quicker or by attracting a larger pool of buyers. This should be thought of as a ‘soft ROI’ in that it perhaps doesn’t directly add significant value to your property but does give you a better chance of selling it. The kitchen isn’t the only room in the home that buyers are interested in however it is one of the main parts of the house and one that can make or break a deal.

By spending just a few hundred pounds on some replacement cupboard doors you can boost your chances of selling it not only quickly but to the right buyer as well.

Replacement Cupboard Doors And Your Property

By themselves, replacement cupboard doors won’t add thousands onto your property value if the rest of your kitchen is in a poor state or the rest of your home needs improvement.

Perhaps the real question should be: can replacement cupboard doors make your home more attractive to potential buyers?

The answer to this is a definite yes.

While the housing market for sellers at the minute is not as attractive as it once was there is still a need to revamp your home to attract buyers and help push through a sale. Compared to other projects such as converting a garage or undertaking a complete kitchen renovation which can cost well into the thousands, spending a few hundred pounds on replacement cupboard doors is a small outlay when the soft ROI can be very significant indeed.

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