So, you’ve made the decision that it’s time to update your kitchen. It’s a big step that you’ve taken… but there’s still plenty to sort out. At Kitchen Warehouse, we are here to help you make sure that you end up with the perfect kitchen. We want you to have your dream kitchen. One of the major questions you need to answer for yourself is whether to go for a replacement or completely new kitchen. The decision you make by weighing up replacement kitchen doors vs a completely new kitchen needs to be a careful one. You need to think with your heart and your head. It could have a big impact on the overall cost.

Replacement or completely new? Out with the old…

These days, there are a massive range of options for you to choose from when you look for a new kitchen. In fact, simply because there is so much choice, it can make the whole thing a bit overwhelming. We want to make buying your new kitchen as effortless and entertaining as possible. After all, splashing out on a new kitchen should be fun!

The first big decision you need to make when you are considering whether to go with replacement or completely new is to choose the style of kitchen. From high gloss to solid wood and all points in between, there’s certainly plenty to get your head around, so let’s look at all the options.

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Gloss & Matt Acrylic Kitchens

If you are looking for superb quality and durability and excellent value for money, high gloss acrylic kitchens are always a safe bet and a wise choice. The hard-wearing nature of the units mean that your new kitchen will be able to withstand the moisture and temperatures that kitchens are exposed to on a daily basis. Gloss acrylic kitchens bring together cutting-edge technology and manufacture. The glass-like finish you get will transform any kitchen into an ultra-modern cooking space.

Matt Acrylic Kitchen Units also have an ultra-modern look with a smooth finish that is sleek and silky. Not only will this style bring any outdated kitchen straight into the 21st century, a matt acrylic kitchen is easy to clean and highly durable.

Handleless or Shaker: Ultra-modern or classic and traditional

Two contrasting styles of kitchen that are both very popular at the moment are handleless kitchens and Shaker units. The handleless look, although now decades old, is the style to choose if you want a ultra-modern look. Clean lines and seamless designs are also a good choice in smaller spaces, due to the lack of handles helping to make a space seem bigger. The Shaker look, meanwhile, is perhaps the classic kitchen design.

The Shaker design is now centuries old. Although modern and luxury options have provided new takes on a classic, time-honoured style, essentially the look has changed little over the years. However, new finishes and a vast range of colour options mean that Shaker units are great for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

Solid wood and painted solid wood

White is perhaps still the quintessential kitchen colour for a variety of reasons. Clean, bright and refreshing – white will always lighten your kitchen world and make the space seem bigger. There’s no doubt that a white kitchen is a perennial favourite, but perhaps running it a close second is a solid wood kitchen. Always conjuring up images of a classic country farmhouse design, the warming tones of solid oak, particularly, have never really gone out of fashion.  

For a durable and versatile kitchen, solid wood is hard to beat. In both the quality and price stakes, solid wood kitchens are a smart choice. However, if you want a new slant on a classic style, why not look at the range of painted solid wood options that are now on the market?

Replacement or completely new: Design, Colour and Size

Once you have chosen the design and colour for your kitchen, if you are choosing between replacement or completely new, this is where things get really interesting. The replacement option gives the whole space an invigorating refresh. It will look and feel like a brand-new space – even though you are simply swapping the cabinet fronts and doors with a new look.

However, if you are going down the completely new kitchen route, you have the freedom to change up the whole design of your kitchen. Either way, after you have settled on your preferred design and colour, the next step is to select the size of units that you require. Obviously, needs vary from home to home, and at Kitchen Warehouse we fully understand this. Therefore, you will find a wide range of different sizes to choose from with each kitchen style. This will help you to find the right sized units to fit perfectly into the space you have.

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We provide FREE kitchen quotations

We make the buying process simple and straightforward. After you have added the required number of units to your online basket, you will see the total of the order and will be able to choose from a range of payment options. Furthermore, if you have a plan for your new kitchen, simply send it to us by email and we will be happy to provide a free quotation. If you tell us which range and colour you require, we will be able to provide a more detailed quotation for you. Email your kitchen designs to We try to ensure that our website is a one-stop-shop for your new kitchen needs. But, as well as the extensive range of kitchen collections that you will see on website, we also have some alternative and exclusive ranges available at our showroom in Ripon.

Are new units a standard size?

The standard-sized base unit is 720mm in height, (not including legs or plinth). However, units vary in width. Wall units also vary in width but come in three standard-sized heights: 575mm, 720mm, and 900mm. If your kitchen cabinets are standard in size, you will need the doors to be slightly smaller. For example, a cabinet of 720mm will need a 715mm door.

If your existing kitchen units are not standard-sized don’t worry! We offer a made to measure service in several of our ranges. Replacement or completely new, we’ve got you covered!

Replacement or completely new? Refresh your doors

Did you know that you could have a new kitchen without having a completely new kitchen? Well, with replacement kitchen doors, you can! For some homeowners, there simply isn’t the money around to shell out for a big-ticket purchase such as a completely new kitchen design. Even if money isn’t the stumbling block, there are a variety of reasons why your replacement or completely new question might fall on the side of replacement doors.

If you are extending your home, you will more than likely be looking for a completely new kitchen. However, if an extension isn’t an option or you are already happy with your existing design, replacement kitchen doors could represent a sensible and smart option.

If you are limited in the ways that you could change-up your kitchen, or if the design you already have is practical and works well for you, why reinvent the wheel?

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Refresh and replace

In recent years, the market for replacement kitchen doors has grown significantly. This is hardly surprising. It seems that more homeowners have begun to realise that in terms of cost and convenience, replacement doors are an excellent option. It’s a far more cost-effective alternative, rather than removing and completely replacing your entire kitchen. You can give your kitchen space a real refresh and revamp by fitting replacement doors to your existing units. Changing the fronts will give your kitchen a real lift and an update. Put simply, if your cabinets are in good working order and your existing layout is something you are happy with, why not save yourself the hassle of having a completely new kitchen fitted?

Replacement kitchen doors can give your kitchen a new lease of life. Again, at. Kitchen Warehouse, we have made it simple for you to choose the right replacement doors for your kitchen. Simply browse the website by category and range. Once you have found the style you are after, click on the image to be taken directly to your replacement door options. Once you have selected your colour, you can choose the size you need. All the prices, inclusive of VAT, will be shown in your basket as you assemble your order. If you can’t see the size you require, check out our FAQs or contact the showroom if you would prefer to speak to a member of our expert team.

Replacement or completely new? – The Verdict

Ultimately, only you can decide whether to go for replacement kitchen doors or a completely new kitchen. Your individual circumstances and needs should be carefully considered. Hopefully, this blog has made things clearer for you and will help you to make the right decision. There will be some instances where only a complete new kitchen refit will do. Equally, there could also be plenty of reasons why opting for replacement kitchen doors could be a more practical and sensible choice. If you would like to discuss your options, feel free to get in touch  with the Kitchen Warehouse team.