Refresh and revamp your kitchen cabinets for less than you think at Kitchen Warehouse. You might be getting tired of those grubby old kitchen cabinets, ugly tiles and cramped kitchen drawers, But can’t quite face the dent a new kitchen design would put in your bank balance. Well – good news. With a little careful planning. You can give yourself a fabulous revamp to make your kitchen look fresh, wonderful and exciting again, without having to invest a small fortune. Read on for some easy tips on smart design for the kitchen:

Kitchen doors

Sick and tired of those faux rustic doors that look more shabby than they do chic? Instead of ripping out the kitchen cabinets from the walls (tempting, we know), try swapping the kitchen cabinet doors instead. The new fronts can really change the look and feel of your old kitchen – go for ultra modern, high gloss replacement kitchen doors in graphite or white for a clean, monochrome look, or add a rich splash of colour with juicy hues of aubergine or burgundy. To avoid having to make too many changes, choose a colour and style that will work well with the existing layout and furnishing – for a small corner kitchen, bright neutral shades will open it up, while a large, open plan kitchen will work wonderfully with darker and more adventurous colours.

Clean up the walls

Retiling your kitchen walls is not as difficult or costly endeavour as you think – armed with the right tools, it can be done over a weekend. Choose tiles that will lift the mood and style of your kitchen, and give it a refreshing contemporary look instead. Take out those twee faded florals and pair neutral shades with a border of bright primary colour shades for a fun look, or give your kitchen a slick feel with a clean all-white transformation. As well as tiling, you can also add texture and detail in different ways – how about turning one wall or door into a makeshift chalkboard? You can now find chalkboard paint in a range of hues – from classic black to pale pastel shades, providing the perfect place to scribble shopping lists and meal plans, or even just for doodling!

Kitchen Cabinets

revamp your kitchen cabinets for less than you think

Beautiful replacement kitchen doors can revamp your old kitchen cabinets to look like a brand new kitchen.

 Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference – whether it’s finally getting rid of that leaky tap, or adding some shiny new handles onto your kitchen cabinets. Handles are in fact a great way of adding stylistic detail to the kitchen, and choosing between a minimalist slim-line style, or something chunky and industrial can transform the look of the space, in a subtle way. When you’re out shopping for kitchen accessories, it’s worth taking photos of your kitchen with you, along with close-ups of cupboards and key spaces, so that you can visualise which styles work best for your home. However you do it, make sure to keep a consistent look throughout – mismatched kitchen cabinet doors and handles will only be an eyesore!

However, you decide to revamp your kitchen design, remember, big changes can happen on a small budget and every journey starts with one step!

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