The fashion may have been around for a number of years now, but Scandi-style kitchens are still big news. And with so many gorgeous white or light grey wooden Shaker kitchen cabinets around, or white glossy and bright replacement cabinet doors, it’s easy to see why.

But of course, cabinets in light muted, sophisticated shades and made from natural materials aren’t the only indicator of a Scandi-style kitchen theme. Even if your kitchen is all sparkling with modern clean, lines.

No, there is a certain uncluttered and minimalist feel to a Scandi-style kitchen – and that means excellent storage provision and ideas. Meanwhile, here are some other pointers to help you get that much-loved Nordic look just right:

A need for natural flooring

With the emphasis on natural materials in any Scandi design theme, your choices are either wood or stone tiles. Both look fab anyhow. It just depends on whether or not you mind cold flooring in the winter months (if you go for the tile option).

Scandi-Style kitchen: consider stand-out lighting

 Spotlights are still around but they’ve taken a bit of a back-seat to LED pendants. The fashion is to have three hanging over a breakfast island. Copper or silver metal lights look fab in a Scandi kitchen. LED lighting also looks great as under-cabinet task lighting or as ambient lighting placed around the bottom of a kitchen island.

Add a bright accent colour

You have to add interest to those sophisticated white kitchen cabinets somehow. The best way to do this is with a pop of colour here and there (also known as an accent colour). Do this with a bright fridge and matching coloured kettle and toaster. You could also achieve it with coloured dish towels or a painting or two. Coloured splashbacks could produce an equally pleasing effect

Scandi-style kitchen: simple storage solutions

By simple storage we mean storage that gives off an uncluttered vibe. And nothing says that more than handless kitchen cabinets. If there’s floor to ceiling high, then better still.

Old-fashioned pantry-style walk-in food cupboards are back in fashion so if you’ve a cupboard in your kitchen then you’re already quid’s in. If not, is there space in the utility room your builder could knock into a pantry? It’s all to do with ‘out of sight, out of mind…’ Meanwhile, for those with very little room, corner cabinets with storage carousels are an ingenious storage solution and certainly don’t take up any additional kitchen space.

Introduce interesting textures

In order to add interest to those floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets we just mentioned there, it’s a good idea to buy them with a striking texture, such as wood grain. Other textures that look great in a Scandi-style kitchen include leather (in bar stool seating, for instance).

Warm metallics such as copper and rose gold also look the part for pendant lighting and in the form of a flower vase or fruit bowl. Marble can look fantastic in a Scandi-style kitchen as an island or kitchen worktops or even as elegant splashback tiles. If you don’t the hassle of constantly looking after your worktops though go for a less porous finish than marble such as a composite stone version.

Scandi-Style kitchen: Add a few accessories

Just because you have gone for a Scandi-style kitchen theme, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a few well-placed accessories. A white linen table cloth, for instance, would be just the ticket, as would reclaimed wooden cutting boards and glass vases with a touch of greenery from the garden. And how about some sheepskin cushions or a rug under the dining table? Oh, and don’t forget the candles – the Scandinavians love these cosy wax lights in the middle of winter when it’s snowing outside. Just remember to extinguish them when you leave the room!

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