Thinking of changing your kitchen around this year? Maybe you’re planning on getting new cabinets, updating a few appliances, or just altering the colour scheme and adding in a few new accessories? Whatever you’ve decided, and before you do anything rash, you might want to check out this article on up-and-coming kitchen trends.

Well, when we say ‘up and coming’ some of them are, in fact, already here. You may even have noticed them already while doing a bit of research. No matter though, it does no harm to be reminded of what’s hot and what’s not in today’s kitchens. And here’s our take on it here at Kitchen Warehouse UK:

The ‘hottie’ list

Matt Black Cabinets

We’re glad this trend is in because if there’s one colour and texture that makes your kitchen take a very sophisticated turn, then it’s matt black. Dramatic and beautiful with steel accessories and glammed up with a bright accent colour of your choice, it’s a statement colour for any kitchen – regardless of what cabinets you’re using, or the size of your kitchen; from large to small, it suits them all!

Wine conditioning unit

At present it is upmarket appliances manufacturer Miele who have introduced this beauty, but watch for less expensive versions of the fabulous dinner party saviour coming out. Capable of holding and storing more than 80 bottles of wine – reds, whites and roses – and all at their appropriate temperature, the wine conditioning unit also features a smart Sommelier set so you can act the part all pro-like.

Handle-less cabinets

By handle-less, we mean cabinet doors and drawers that ping slowly open when you push them. Closely followed by doors with cut-out handles – whether that’s in the form of a finger hole, cut out rectangle or small protruding lip. Smart, cool and definitely quirky, this type of cabinet has a more seamless look than those with handles and certainly make the kitchen look neater. Just make sure the kitchen counter is slightly wider than the cabinets, otherwise those doors are going to open every time you casually lean against it hugging a cup of coffee for a chat.

Intelligent light switches

Yes, lights have been doing all sorts of clever things for years – ever since LED in particular was introduced as standard into our homes. They can switch themselves on and off at a set time and even flash rhythmically to music. But the latest smart kitchen lights on the market are those where you simply wave your hand past the socket to switch it on. In other words, you don’t have to touch the switch if you’ve got flour, food etc on your hands. Hygienic and clean. We like!

Grid-like shelving

We’re kind of girding our loins at this grid-like trend since we’re not convinced about whether or not we approve, really. But the powers-that-be of the kitchen world (ie those who set the trends) seem to believe we’ll be seeing a lot of this thin metal grid-like shelving – and don’t be surprised to find it hanging from the ceiling – in the coming months. Following closely by cubed open shelving.

Big and bold statement appliances

Yes, integrated appliances are great – they save lots of space and make your kitchen look all neat and efficient. But sometimes you just hanker after a decent focal point – and that’s where the show-stopping vintage Aga comes in; or the beautiful century-old oak kitchen table that you found at an antique fair the other day there.


The ‘tottie’ list

Large over-cooker vents

For a while there, especially with kitchen sporting an industrial design look, the large bulky over- cooker vent was all the rage. Today? Not so much… these days kitchen have more of a seamless, integrated feel. And that means the more concealed your vent the better. Time to tone done that big boy…

Double sinks

In the days before dishwashers, double sinks were all the rage. You needed one to wash with and the other for a quick spot of rinsing (and all the while wearing those ubiquitous yellow rubber gloves. Now that most of us have a mechanical box under the counter to wash our cups and plates for us, the old two-sink tub is pretty much irrelevant these days. Instead, large, deep Belfast single sinks are popular. Not only do they make washing pots and pans easier, but they’re also great for hiding unwashed dishes when unexpected guests arrive!

Rose gold accents

You knew it was going to happen – just not when. Well, we can announce with certitude that the love affair with rose gold accents is now OVER.Its close neighbour copper is still hot though, and silver will forever be associated with kitchens but yes, no need to keep that pinkish toned kettle and vase around this year you’ll probably be glad to hear.

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