Is  Kitchen warehouse’s Stardust kitchen range the same as Magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen range?

I would just like to take a minute to answer the question we are getting continuously asked about are Stardust Kitchen been the same as  Magnets Astral blue kitchen range.

magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

Our kitchen range called stardust is an acrylic door like magnets astral blue Kitchen door, yes the colour is a stunning iridescent metallic blue kitchen that looks a light blue kitchen from one angle then a light silver colour from another side it is always changing colour depending on the lighting in your kitchen and which angle you are looking at it from, It is a really stunning looking kitchen that definitely has the wow factor, It is quality kitchen door that seems to be extremely popular this year and we are selling this range in large quantities every day

I have had a compare of the two doors side by side and to be honest, I can’t see any difference between the two, but when I asked my supplier if the material for our stardust kitchen doors are the same as Magnet for their Astral blue kitchen range? they said NO,

So the answer to your question would be NO

But the colour is the same and the finish also very similar they are both an outstanding gloss kitchen door but I cant actually say they are the same product.

I can’t see any noticeable difference between the two of them. The only real difference is we are selling this blue kitchen range a lot cheaper and we can also provide our stardust kitchen range made to measure to any size you require.

We are happy to say that our stardust kitchen units are a superb selling range of kitchen units this year, and if people want to compare it to magnets astral blue kitchen range then who am I to argue. We had a customer do the 5-hour drive from Southampton a few weeks ago to compare the two for himself, He came up to compare the two because he could not believe the amount of money he was saving buying the stardust range from us, and wanted to check the quality of our kitchen units before he bought them from our website. He reckoned that we were around half the price and he was saving around £4500 on his kitchen.

If you would like to compare the two for yourself, please feel free to check out the prices on our website or visit our north Yorkshire based showroom.

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