Painted kitchen cabinets are a thing of beauty. When you first receive your kitchen doors, they will have already had a specific finish applied. This is usually done professionally, with top of the range equipment, to eliminate any of the imperfections that may arise due to human error. But the question is, are you able to create the perfect look on your own?

If there are any keen DIYers out there, thinking that painting your kitchen cabinets yourself is a cost-effective way of a fresh look, you might want to think again…

In this blog post, we discuss whether it is worth using your own strong will and persistence to get the job done by yourself.

It may take more time than you think!

You may think that painting your existing doors is similar to painting your garden shed or fences, for example, but this isn’t the case. Outdoors, you can normally spend a little less care on your painted wood, with the only objective to end up with an even lick of paint all over.

Although units are smaller in size, they require much more precision so you will inevitably be spending more time perfecting your ideal look than you originally thought. Make sure that your doors are in an ideal condition to paint over, as any stains, marks or general blemishes will still likely show through another coat, weakening your hard work in that area.

Do you have a steady hand?

Not only are we talking laser like precision with your brush here, but are you ready to get the sand paper out just like you did in school? Sanding is crucial in creating the perfect surface to paint on. As much as it may look like your existing kitchen doors are smooth, they will have definitely picked up rough edges that will not go away on their own! It is important to have just the right level of sanding so a door perfect for the best painted kitchens can be constructed. Often, this is an off-putting prospect for those that were in two minds about painting their own units or doors, as they don’t realise the multi-step process of creating such clean, crisp finishes.

Will it have your desired finish?

Of course, this long, arduous work will all be worth it if you have a professional looking door, right? In most cases, using your standard paint and paintbrush, unfortunately, won’t achieve this, and leave you scratching your head as to why you didn’t just go with a brand new purchase! Sure, the idea of painting your own replacement kitchen doors is a cost-saving way of changing the look of your kitchen to a more desirable hue, but can often present more questions than answers, leaving you with a finish that doesn’t replicate the one you saw online.

Is it worth it?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we recommend opting for brand new kitchen units and doors as opposed to painting them yourself. This will prevent the potentially tedious task of ensuring that each of your doors is painted in exactly the same way, giving your room that consistency you are looking for.

It will also give you a better chance of visualising how your order will look exactly before it is implemented, and you can also do this by purchasing a sample door directly from us! Painting kitchen doors of your own accord may seem like a smart idea at the time, but if you are striving for the very best results, your best bet is to trust the experts, such as us from Kitchen Warehouse, to make your painted kitchen ideas a reality.

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