When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the focus tends to be on the frontage of the units.

The colour and style of the design are obviously important.  It goes a long way in determining if your choice suits the kitchen space you have.

Similarly, your choice of handle can have a real bearing on the overall visual impact. The front of tall cabinets and wall cabinets is important.

But it shouldn’t be all about the frontage.

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What Do You Need To Think About?

There’s much more for you to consider.

Sometimes you need to have different-height wall units to make the best use of the space available.

Standard sizes do the job most of the time – but not all of the time.

You need to remember that size matters.

Is There a Wide Choice of Kitchen Wall Cabinets?

But therein lies the problem. Size does matter, and there is often the desire to use varying height wall units for different styles and sizes of kitchen.

Because there are standard dimensions for kitchen wall cabinets of all types – including base cabinets and upper kitchen cabinets – you are often quite limited in the choice you have in the size of kitchen wall units.

That is, unless you come to Kitchen Warehouse.

Different height wall units: Beyond the standard 720mm

The industry standard height for kitchen wall units is 720mm.

Strictly speaking, this is the size of a ‘medium’ unit. However, what you are likely to find is that 720mm is the only height for wall units that many kitchen manufacturers and showrooms offer.

720mm has become the industry’s default position – the standard dimensions. This is all very well, but it’s obviously somewhat limiting.

Why Is There a Standard Size?

Generally speaking, there’s a good reason behind the standard size for kitchen wall units being 720mm. The ‘standard’ and ‘medium’ size will be perfectly adequate for many – if not most – kitchen designs.

Furthermore, there really does need to be a degree of uniformity across the industry.

Standard wall cabinets and standard kitchen cabinet dimensions make sense. Kitchen designers can’t be working to custom-made specifications all the time. It wouldn’t be practical, and it would end up being very expensive.

What Can I Do If I Want a Different Kitchen Cabinet Height?

Similarly, there has to be parity between the manufacturers of the unit carcasses and the manufacturers of door and drawer frontages.

But, all things considered, bearing in mind the scale of purchase that a complete new kitchen amounts to, it seems wrong that you should be limited to just one height of kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes, kitchen cabinet height needs variety!

Well, the good news is that Kitchen Warehouse do provide a choice of different height wall units.

As well as the standard 720mm wall units, we also offer 900mm high wall units and 575mm high wall units.

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900mm high wall units: For all standard high rooms

Kitchen Warehouse stands out from the crowd when it comes to offering wall units of varying heights.

We offer 900mm high wall units and matching tall units, as well as the standard height 720mm units.

Of course, 900mm high wall units aren’t appropriate for all sizes of kitchens. However, they will fit in a standard, normal (8ft) 2400mm high room.  But it’s worth bearing in mind that this size of wall units does go right up to the ceiling.

And for smaller kitchen spaces…

Of course, not everybody has the luxury of high ceilings in their homes. Indeed, it might not even be your thing.

If you live in certain types of property, such as cottages or farm houses, the overall feel of the home will be completely different. You are far more likely to have low ceilings. A narrow space can be difficult to fit out with cabinets.

Standard kitchen cabinet sizes alone don’t always make the best use of space.

And if you haven’t really got enough space in the first place, standard sizing of cabinets could leave you wanting.

To this end, Kitchen Warehouse offers 575mm high wall units and larder units. Known as low-level wall units, these are ideal for the likes of cottages and farmhouses.

Indeed, they fit the bill in any property with lower ceilings, or where space is particularly tight. The tall units are 2120mm from the floor. This is perfect for smaller and older period properties.

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Different height wall units for all ranges

We appreciate that there aren’t many companies out there who can offer their customers these three different height wall units for their kitchens: 575mm, 720mm and 900mm.

But the good news doesn’t end there. The three sizes aren’t only available as some sort of special line or limited edition deal. No, you can choose any one of the three different height wall units for all Kitchen Warehouse ranges.

If your preference is for the ultra-modern and mirror-like finish of high gloss handleless kitchen, you can choose any of the three sizes of wall unit heights. All our handleless units, from White Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Units to the soft tones of High Gloss Cashmere Kitchen Units can be chosen with 575mm, 720mm or 900mm high wall units.

These high-gloss designs not only look fantastic, they are highly practical and easy to clean.

It’s always reassuring to know that a style, such as handleless, are also extremely versatile and can be fitted into any shape or size of room.

From Matt to Shaker: the Choice is Yours!

Unsurprisingly, matt kitchens are another popular choice – either  ultramatt acrylic or matt textured.

Acrylic units are made to an impressive standard. Matt Acrylic doors have a super-smooth and silk-like finish that transforms any kitchen into an ultra-modern space.

If you want a timeless and classic look for your kitchen, you need look no further than Luxury Shaker Kitchen Units.

Few kitchen designs offer either the simplicity or the aesthetic appeal that a Shaker kitchen does. This is the perfect way to blend the contemporary with the traditional. The classic Shaker design gives a traditional farmhouse kitchen flavour to a kitchen’s look.

At the same time, Shaker kitchens are equally appealing and the perfect fit for more modern settings, such as the popular open-plan kitchen-diner design. With luxury shaker kitchens, you have a fantastic range of colours to pick from.

All Luxury Shaker units are of high-quality 22cm thickness. The wood grain is embossed into the hard-wearing and protective PVC coating of the door. This gives the door the look of a painted timber door.

All of these kitchen cabinets are supplied with a high-quality 22mm thick, five-piece shaker door that has a wood grain embossed into the hard-wearing PVC surface of the door, making this kitchen door look and feel like it is a painted timber door.

Small, medium or large kitchen wall unit heights

Kitchen Warehouse is committed to ensuring that all our customers receive an excellent level of customer service and are provided with the highest quality kitchen doors, units and accessories for the price paid – that’s a given.

We also want all our customers to choose the style, shape, design, and colour of kitchen cabinets to best suit the space they have available.

This is why we think it’s really important to offer three different height wall units across all our kitchen ranges. All types of kitchen spaces are catered for in any of our kitchen design styles. Your choice covers all three sizes:  575mm, 720mm and 900mm.

It means we have kitchen cabinets to meet all needs. Whether you’re looking for a tall cabinet for a particular spot in the kitchen, base units to run under the sink, or upper cabinets to go above a worktop, we’ve got you covered.

We have cabinet types for all styles of kitchens.

You can find out much more information on the Kitchen Warehouse website. If you want to talk to our friendly team, just get in touch. We’ll be happy to assist you with any queries you may have about our kitchens for sale and answer all your questions.

















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