Do you love cooking and you wish you could do it like top chefs? Do you have a passion in cooking? Well, you need a bigger kitchen with a huge island, which will allow you to do it with your loved ones. However, given that the average home kitchen size is small, leaving you to feel like your kitchen is more like a cramped nightmare.

Nevertheless, never let your kitchen size limit you from achieving your goals. This is because there are many small kitchen-design tips, which will transform your small kitchen look bigger and efficient. Below are ideas that you can learn to make the most out of your kitchen.

L shaped kitchen

Style: “Daylight pop plus”


The Colour

If you have a small kitchen, the colour used on walls does play a big factor. For example, did you know that an all-white kitchen creates an illusion of roominess? An all-white colour transition from walls to floors. The fact is that not all appreciate the clean look of white. For this reason, try to mix and match different shades or textures of whites with your accessories.

In other words, try to follow the same rule: That is giving your walls, floor, finishes and ceiling the same colour palette to avoid colour overload.

Brighten It Up

It does not matter the kind of colour you have decided to go with; you should make sure your kitchen is receiving as much light as possible. Sufficient light makes small kitchens feel specious. For this reason, you should install a large window with simple treatments to make the most out of your natural light.

Apart from installing large window(s), you should invest on lights that will be placed under the cabinets to light up shadowy countertops. This technique will make your kitchen more functional and attractive. Look at this post for instance.

The Illusion Of More Space

Mirrors offer many benefits apart from viewing ones’ self. For one, it is a known fact that mirrors double the effects of a room being big. Therefore, why not consider using then as your backsplashes. Mirrored backsplashes aid in reflecting the view, light, which opens your space. The only limitation mirrors pose, is cleanness. In other words, you have to clean them often to maintain its clean look.

There is no doubt that this technique is a great addition to your kitchen. If you wish to install them in your kitchen, research on the cost of a mirrored backsplash in your area.

Upper Cabinet Glass Doors

You should also consider installing glass doors for upper cabinets. Installing glass doors is a great technique for making the kitchen feel bigger. Moreover, it does not only give your cabinets a lighter look but also lead your eyes into the depth of the cabinet. Apart from creating, an illusion the kitchen is bigger; it does also make it seem visually airy.

This technique does also offer a drawback, which is, you have to arrange and tidy your dishware and glassware. If you do not do this, it will make it look tiny or even smaller than it is.

design ideas for small kitchensTaking Advantage Of The Space Above The Cabinet

If you have space on top of your cabinets between the ceiling and the cabinet itself, consider putting something there. In other words, you should see the potential storage space. You could store kitchen appliances that you do not use often to free your countertop. To prevent cluttered or dusty problems, consider using baskets that fit.

Triangulating Your Work

It is advisable to keep the kitchen work triangle in mind. This technique may sound like something made up. However, we cannot ignore its importance in relation to enhancing the workflow in a small kitchen. This technique is aimed at connecting your three main work areas; the stove, sink, and refrigerator. The distance between any two distances should be easy.

This technique will keep everything in your work zone, which will make cooking a lot easier and efficient. If you do not know how to achieve this, make sure that you talk to your local professionals. This sort of design creates more room in many areas of the house – look at the amount of versatility an L shaped bathroom suite can bring to a bathroom space for instance or look at this post on an L shaped kitchen.

Choosing Compact Appliances

Having a small kitchen does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice on essential kitchen appliances. The good news is that a majority of kitchen appliance manufacturers today are offering all sorts of kitchen appliances that work with any space. For example, even if a slim refrigerator cannot fit in your kitchen, you still have other options such as an under the counter fridge.

To increase space, you can also consider installing electric cookers rather than the normal gas cookers. You may also consider hanging your microwave underneath a cabinet to increase countertop space or placing your water softener in a tight knit space that will be unutilised otherwise These techniques play a big role in increasing storage space.

Installing Open Shelves Rather Cabinets

You can increase the size of your kitchen by installing open shelves rather than cabinets. This is because open shelves are less bulky. Its streamlined design provides an illusion of a more extensive space. At the same time, open shelves allow you to show off your favorite kitchen collections. Here are some good tips.

Storing On Walls
Keep in mind that any available space is valuable. Do not waste any unusable wall space. Consider investing on wall-mounted racks that you can use to hang your pots. At the same time, you should consider installing small curtains rod closer to your pot rack to keep the lid within reach.

You should also look for space to store your knife. The best option is a magnetic strip on the wall.

The Benefits Of A Pullout Pantry

A small kitchen can store more than what you think. If you check the place your refrigerator is, you will find a 4 to 10 inch between the fridge and the wall. The space is enough to install a pullout pantry that you can use to store spices and canned goods that mainly take up a lot of cabinet space.

Rolling Cart As Your Island

Rather than installing a permanent island like the way you would do in a large kitchen, you should consider investing on a rolling cart as your island. This method will help you make your small kitchen big for your cooking pleasure. It adds space to the room, and you can do almost anything in that kitchen as you would in a bigger kitchen.

The best thing is that you can use the rolling cart as your buffet table by moving it around the house while hosting a dinner party. Remember, when you are not using it, you can store it to save more kitchen space.