We have many different kitchen cabinets available at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD. Despite our extensive range, time and time again our solid wood kitchen cabinets have proven to be one of our more popular design.

Our customers commonly state that there is something traditional and homely about solid wood cabinets.

Even though our cabinets come with a somewhat modern edge and feel to them they still work fantastically well to provide a real traditional design to your kitchen.

Not only that but we are environmentally conscious and all our solid wood cabinets come from sustainable forests throughout Europe. We also boast a strong manufacturing process that uses the best of materials ensuring our kitchen cabinets are long-lasting and durable too.

It is commonplace for the public to believe that painting kitchen cabinets and attempting to rejuvenate their kitchen doors is the most cost-effective way of re-designing a kitchen. Although this a completely viable option, with Kitchen Warehouse, our budget prices and high-quality designs can offer you completely new cabinets for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay.

Here are 4 of the best solid wood kitchen cabinets that you can get from us.

Indiana Kitchen Cabinets

Indiana kitchen cabinets Our Wakefield solid wood kitchen cabinets are perfect for a bright and airy looking kitchen. They provide a really easy on the eye and clean look while also keeping to a more traditional design.

If you want to retain a vintage feel to your kitchen while also modernising it then solid wood kitchen cabinets could be the one for you.

They can be combined with both light and dark colour schemes such as white, greys and even less neutral colours to create a stylish effect.

Our Indiana kitchen cabinets come with Hettich soft closing hinges and drawer boxes. You can also make use of our brushed steel 220mm T-Bar handles for free if you buy these units- although they will need to be drilled.

Jefferson Kitchen Cabinets

Jefferson Kitchen CabinetsLooking for something a bit more dark and rustic?

If so, our Jefferson solid wood kitchen cabinets are right up your street because they provide just that. Jefferson Kitchen Cabinets are perfect for kitchens that want to keep a darker style.

These oak units have a darker wood grain that keeps the natural look but with enough light that they can be contrasted with darker worktops. It is best to use these with lighter coloured walls such as whites and creams.

With our Jefferson Kitchen cabinets you also get Hettich soft closing hinges and drawers as standard.

For designing a traditional kitchen with a slightly darker flavour than our Indiana solid wood kitchen units, Jefferson units are the one for you.

Madison Kitchen Cabinets

Madison kitchen unitsFancy combining a traditional and modern design? Our Madison kitchen units do exactly that!

Not only do they create an age-old feel to your kitchen, with their solid wood construction, but they also create a stylish edge that ensures your kitchen remains modern and up to date.

We love these units because they are so adaptable and can be combined with both light and dark colour schemes. Stainless steel worktops or darker marble will work really well with our Madison range.

Like all out solid wood kitchen units, they come with German made Hettich soft closing hinges and drawers. Our brushed steel handles are another great option that really adds a contemporary dimension to these units.

New England Kitchen Cabinets

New England Kitchen CabinetsFinally, we have our New England Kitchen cabinets that work well in virtually any kitchen design.

These are so adaptable that you can put them into a traditional kitchen that looks like it has been untouched for 50 years. The versatility of these units also allows the, to be implemented in a modern kitchen for a 21st-century look.

They work best with darker walls but also look great when combined with plenty of natural light.

You can make use of our brushed steel handles if you want to add a modern feel. Options such as Hettich soft closing hinges and drawers are also available, similar to our other models. In fact, it is hard to go wrong with these cabinets and they are sure to add something extra to your kitchen.

Buy Your Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Online

There is a reason that we are able to offer our products at such great prices. All our solid wood kitchen cabinets are made to the highest possible standard and we ensure that all our products are environmentally friendly as well. Not only can we advise on what will change the look of your kitchen, but we can also apply our knowledge to ensure your new cabinets blend in seamlessly with your existing design.

Not every kitchen makeover requires a complete redesign and sometimes our clients just want to spruce up their cabinets without changing the flooring, tiles or paint on the walls.

With our 4 solid wood kitchen cabinets you can really enhance your kitchen without spending a lot of money – our flat pack base units start from under £140!

As always, get in touch right away if you want to find out more about our solid wood kitchen cabinets and how they can add some traditional style to your kitchen.