A solid wood design really is the epitome of a classic and traditional kitchen. Of course, solid wood instantly conjures up an image in the mind of perhaps the classic kitchen style: the country farmhouse kitchen. However, it would be wrong to think that the classic country farmhouse kitchen is the only way to incorporate solid wood into your kitchen. Furthermore, it would also be a mistake to assume that the classic, traditional feel of a solid wood kitchen means an old-fashioned look. Far from it, while the warming tones of the likes of light oak will always give off a homely vibe, solid wood is also the perfect complement for the most contemporary of kitchen designs. And now, with many painted solid wood kitchen cabinets readily available, you really can have the very best of both worlds. So, let’s see how they match up. Let’s look at solid wood vs painted solid wood.

Solid wood vs Painted wood: Sumptuous style 

All our solid oak kitchen units come fitted with Hettich soft closing hinges and drawers. Matching 18mm cabinets complete a look of true style. The solid oak doors are fitted to hard-wearing oak effect MFC units. Solid oak units are available in several versatile tones. This means that you will definitely be able to choose a colour to perfectly match any existing colour scheme you have in the kitchen – or any new décor you have in mind. Natural oak is a beautiful choice for any space. The resulting effect is a timeless look that really does suit any space and brings with it style in abundance.

For long-lasting, versatile style solid wood kitchen units really do take some beating. They are an outstanding choice both in terms of price and quality. Natural oak has enduring appeal but if you want a different twist on a classic look, painted solid wood is the way forward.

solid wood vs painted wood 1

The Jefferson range is the style to pick if you would like to create a classic cottage-style vibe in your kitchen. The painted version of Jefferson is also notable as it features a raised central panel and bevelled edging. The Madison is a timeless but playful take on a classic look. This design features a sunken central panel. The effect is a contemporary twist on a traditional solid wooden kitchen door. Meanwhile, the Wakefield is the most modern of all our solid wood kitchen designs. The Wakefield features bevelled edging and a slightly sunken centre panel. Finally, the Aldana offers a streamlined and sleek take on the classic solid wood look and is available in six sumptuous shades.

How much do solid wood and painted solid wood units cost?

Kitchen Warehouse supplies a wide selection of both solid wood and painted solid wood kitchen units. Obviously, we appreciate that our customers deserve and demand the very best in kitchen design. To ensure that all products retain their premium status, all wood is sourced from sustainable forests across Europe. Only Grade A+ solid oak is used in the manufacture of our solid wood and painted solid wood kitchen doors. This means that the units not only look good but are also extremely strong, sturdy and durable.

With this high quality, you might be expecting sky-high prices. However, because we cut out the ‘middle man’, we can supply solid wood and painted wood kitchens at very reasonable and affordable prices.

As an example, a 350mm base unit with single door in the solid oak product, Jefferson, costs £164.04. The 800mm base unit with double doors is available for £279.47.  Painted wood options are available for the same price, with a 400mm base unit available at £170.98.

solid wood vs painted wood 2

Maintenance and cleaning

Ensure that your solid wood or painted solid wood kitchen units are adequately waterproofed and protected. This keeps them in pristine condition for years to come.

The best method of cleaning solid wood and painted wood kitchen units is simple and straightforward. With painted surfaces, wiping clean with a duster or lint-free cloth will keep the tones looking fresh and new. It also has the added bonus of preventing dust and dirt accumulating on the surface. This is important as if dust and grime settles the units will needing more extensive cleaning in the future. Repeat the process a little and a lot to keep the surfaces in optimum condition.

Of course, over the course of time, minor staining and soiling will occur. All you need is to mix a small amount of washing up liquid and warm water. Wipe gently with a damp cloth and then rinse with fresh, clean water. Finally, dry straightaway with a lint-free cloth. This will prevent liquid resting on the surface. To prevent stains from reappearing, wiped away spills immediately.

Kitchen Warehouse: Unit ranges

The Jefferson Solid Wood range is a fantastic choice for homeowners who are looking for a real wood kitchen with a rich golden colour of beautiful light oak. Supplied with MFC oak effect units, Jefferson is the ideal choice if you want to create a traditional country style look for your kitchen. Jefferson’s stunning golden oak provides a homely feel. Of course, real oak also has a unique grain pattern which is one of the main charms of a solid oak kitchen.

The Solid Wood Madison range provides a traditional wood finish that will bring a calming and homely feel to any kitchen space. 18mm units provide stability and sturdiness and the inside unit colour is made to match the door as closely as possible. Brushed steel 220mm T-bar handles are provided as standard. However, as all units are pre-drilled, you can choose from a range of handles to give you the look you are after.

If you are looking for timeless kitchen design with a modern twist, Kitchen Warehouse’s Solid Wood Wakefield range could be the perfect choice. Wakefield offers simple and clean design lines with premium quality.

solid wood vs painted wood 3

Painted options

The beautiful Jefferson range is now available in a range of stunning colours. As well as Ivory, Mussel, Light Grey, Sage Green and Stone, Jefferson painted options include Pantry Blue, Marine, Light Teal, Dust Grey and Graphite. All units are constructed from Egger MFC 18mm board with solid dam and dowel features. The range of colours really does offer something for everybody. From subtle and soft shades to something a little more imposing and dramatic, the range of Jefferson painted solid wood options is extensive.

The stunning Painted Solid Wood Wakefield range is an eye-catching design. The doors feature a 5-piece ash frame and a veneered centre panel. Paired with durable Egger 18mm MFC carcasses, these units are very high quality and extremely appealing. The standard colours that are available are  Ivory, Mussel, Stone, Pantry Blue, Marine, Sage Green, Light Teal, Light Grey, Dust Grey and Graphite. Certain colours are now available with faster turnaround times. The Express range comprises of IvoryMussel, Light GreyDust GreySage Green and Stone.

The ultra-contemporary Aldana Painted Wood collection offers a stunning Shaker-style design to streamline your kitchen and make it appear more spacious. Made with solid 18mm MFC boards are available in six stunning paint-to-order options.

Solid wood or painted wood: Which is best?

There are many solid wood and painted solid wood options supplied by Kitchen Warehouse. They all provide a slightly different look and feel. The options and possibilities that are at your disposal are virtually limitless. Not only are different natural oak tones available, there are also so many different painted colour options to choose from. Whatever your style and tastes are, you are sure to be able to blend solid wood or painted wood kitchen units to match your mood.

You might want a classic and traditional look for your kitchen. Alternatively, you may be looking for a playful update. To this end, there are many painted solid wood colours that are available. Overall, it’s impossible with solid wood vs painted wood to say that one style is the best. It really is a matter of personal preference and taste. If you would like to discuss your options further, just get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team. We will help you to choose your dream kitchen. You can contact us by email:  contact@kitchenwarehouse.com. Alternatively, you can phone on 01765 640 000 or submit an  online form.