Now that summer is here it’s time to start savouring all those colourful and exotic fruits we’ve been hankering after for so long. They’re full of vitality-giving vitamin C, after all, not to mention other vitamins and minerals that don’t just make us feel great, but also look it too.

There’s one big drawback though – peeling the blighters. So, to make sure we don’t mess up our lovely kitchen cabinets while getting to grips with them, here is a quick summer fruit easy peeling guide for you. Enjoy! And do try some of these ideas out yourselves – you will never go back to the old messy ways afterwards. We promise you:

Easy peeling: glassing a mango

One of our favourite exotic fruits here at Kitchen Warehouse Ltd, we love the sweet taste of a ripe juicy mango. Great for cocktails and smoothies too it’s been growing in popularity in UK kitchens for the past decade now. But that’s no thanks to its tough outer shell.

Past attempts with peeling a mango have seen us throw half the flesh out because we couldn’t prise it from its skin. Well, no more. The following is a genius method of ensuring you get at least 90 per cent of the flesh when you next peel a mango:

All you need do ladies and gents is grab a drinking glass, your mango and a sharp knife. Then follow these steps:

  • slice the mango in two lengthways
  • chuck away the hard area of flesh in the centre
  • sit the bottom end of one of the mango halves on the side of the glass
  • push down, keeping the edge of the glass between the mango flesh and skin

The result? The flesh falls away easily and you’re left with just the skin to put in the bucket. Voila!

Upturning a banana

But a banana is easy to peel, we hear you say! Well, not always; sometimes you end up with a squishy mess. That stalk at one end doesn’t always want to pull down.

Instead, you could opt for the monkey method of banana bashing. It involves turning the banana over so you have the bottom of it in front of you (ie the end that doesn’t have the stalk). Next pinch that nubby bit at the end (with your thumb and forefinger). What you then get is a clean split to peel back and – no mess!

Opening an orange

The fruit we used to hate – simply because the sticky orange juice ended up everywhere when we tried to peel it. Now we’re best pals with the humble orange.

A really cool way to peel an orange – and where you get a strip of segments – is to slice of either end. Next, make a cut in the side (around an inch long). Then, peel back carefully and hey-presto – you have a strip of juicy orange segments. Either eat them as a strip or pull off to add to desserts and salads etc.

If you like the idea of peeling an orange in one though then put a pan of hot water on to boil. Leave the orange in it for a minute then remove it with tongs or a slotted spoon and then sit in a plate or cutting board for another minute. By that point peeling the skin away will be a breeze…

Easy peeling: scooping a kiwi

Lots of folks can’t stand the fur of a kiwi fruit, while others will eat the fruit whole – skin and all. But if you’re in the more prominent camp (ie, you don’t like the furry bit) then here’s how to get rid of it easily and fast:

First, put down that potato peeler – it’s time to try a new trick. Instead, grab a sharp knife and cut off either end (around two centres in). Next, find a desert spoon and slit the end of the spoon in between the skin and flesh at one end of the fruit. Twist it right round the skin and there you are – get scooping out that flesh in one go.

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