If you have invested in quartz worktops for your kitchen, the last thing you want to do is damage them. You will want to care for, clean, and take care of quartz worktops in the best way you can. It’s worth knowing then that something as everyday as cleaning could cause unnecessary damage. So, here are some simple tips to help you properly take care of the quartz in your kitchen.

Take care of quartz worktops: The basics

Naturally, you’ll want to protect and take care of quartz worktops. The good news is that it isn’t difficult to do if you follow some straightforward advice. What’s more, it doesn’t really require much time and effort either. In terms of everyday kitchen cleaning, wiping down with a warm and soft soapy cloth or sponge is all you really need. You could use a gentle detergent as well. But this isn’t a must. If you do, you’ll only need a few drops in warm water.

Prevention is always better than cure

It’s just common sense, but prevention is always better than cure when it comes to how you should take care of quartz worktops. So, avoid leaving utensils or any kind of clutter out on your worktop.  This helps to prevent many of the typical stains and scratches and general damage that can occur through carelessness.

Acting quickly is also good advice. Clean spills as soon as they happen. It’s much easier that way. There’s less chance of a stain becoming ‘ground in.’ Acting speedily saves on elbow grease and lessens the chance of your quartz worktop suffering a lasting stain.

Of course, tougher stains sometimes really seem to stick to the surface. However, this isn’t a problem. All you need to do is use something that is plastic and flat to gently scrape it off.  This won’t damage the surface at all. If you want, you could use a microfibre cloth to dry the worktop. A spray of standard glass cleaner will do the trick if there are still streaks.

How to tackle stubborn stains

Of course, no amount of prevention can stop all accidents happening. By the law of averages, stubborn stains happen every now and again.

If you do need something a bit tougher than soapy water, you have a few options. Option one is to make a homemade worktop cleaner. This can be done by mixing rubbing alcohol with a standard detergent. It should be one-part alcohol to three parts detergent. Mix in with warm water.

The alternative is to use a specialist heavy duty cleaner. You just need to ensure that the cleaner doesn’t contain certain chemicals, namely ammonia or bleach. Furthermore, any cleaner with lemon should be avoided too. Indeed, you should try to limit the contact that any acidic foods and drink, such as citrus fruit, fizzy drinks, and tomatoes, have with your quartz worktop.

One key thing to remember to take care of quartz worktops is to always dry thoroughly after cleaning. As long as you follow the product instructions closely, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, make sure you never use bathroom cleaner on a quartz worktop. This can cause irreversible damage to the worktop surface.

Take care of quartz worktops: Top tips

Always clean the worktop with a neutral base cleaner This can be as simple as a plain (not lemon) washing up liquid and warm water. Any neutral PH product or detergent can be used as well.

Always dry worktops to avoid dull patches Water and soapy mixtures that may have been left behind during everyday use should be wiped dry.

Glass and stainless steel cleaning cloths These work best to leave quartz worktops smear-free.

Remove food waste quickly Pay particular care with acidic food stuffs. Wipe clean and dry. Avoid pans coming into direct contact with the worktop.

Do not use a sealer on the quartz As quartz is non-porous, marks will appear if a sealant is used. This will make your worktop look dull.

Removal of stubborn stains Water and lime scale stains can be removed by the applying a solution of vinegar and water. Rub the stain with a cloth and rinse with water.

If you want any more advice and guidance about how to take care of quartz worktops, just get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team. We’re always happy to help!