Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, and more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet and do more things than just call. Tablets are becoming more and more mainstream with the iPad being a huge seller. This is transforming the way our kitchens are used with more of our daily technology seeping into our cooking workspace.

Everyone, including all the members of the Kitchen Warehouse team, used to cook with cookbooks, printed recipes or scribbled down recipes. We now see more and more people directly cooking from using their tablet or phone and following the process this way. So much so that we are now finding more manufacturers coming out with things directly for fitting in the kitchen such as iPad/Tablet stands and hanging screen holders.

Kitchen Technology

We will begin to see much more integration into the kitchen with fitted speakers and smart home devices fitted into kitchen unit faces. TV’s will become more relevant in the kitchen space and we will begin to see complete integration apps with manufacturers that will enable you to control certain aspects of your kitchen with your phone or tablet such as your ovens, fridges lighting and much more.

As well as iPad’s and interactive technology we are beginning to see more audio systems made specifically for the kitchen. These systems fit into various parts of the kitchen and create a great atmosphere as many people spend a huge amount of time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen with no entertainment.

Getting your kitchen the way you want it has now just become much easier as you will have more and more of a choice to build the kitchen the way you want it with a multitude of kitchen accessories and options to add to make it a dream kitchen space. Get in touch for any further information on anything that we can do!

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