Replacement cupboard doors have the ability to make any kitchen look new and fresh.

However, a simple error customers often commit is failing to look after these doors properly. Our replacement cupboard doors at Kitchen Warehouse LTD are durable and of the highest quality yet it is still of paramount importance to maintain their impeccable condition.

Replacement cupboard doors are susceptible to dirt and grime so it essential that you take steps to remove such substances and keep them in good condition.

No two doors are the same and each one has to be cared for differently. For this reason, we have created some handy tips and tricks that you can use to look after your replacement cupboard doors.

It is really easy to clean the cupboard doors in your kitchen but you need to ensure that you treat each door type in its own way. Here we break it down for you.

Painted Cupboard Doors

Our Roma Classic Painted doors are among our most popular range here at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD.  If you want a budget idea to brighten up your kitchen then this is it but it is important to look after them properly.

To clean these doors effectively use a damp (not a soaking) cloth to remove any dirt marks, grime or fingerprints that are common with everyday use. Finish off these doors with a dry soft cloth to remove the moisture as this can impact on how these painted doors look over time. Also avoid any harsh scrubbing as it can eventually rub off the paint and leave you doors looking patchy.

These stylish cupboard doors are a great way to redo your kitchen on a budget and they will last even longer if you take proper care of them.

High Gloss Cupboard Doors

If you want to add a distinct shine to your kitchen then implementing high gloss cupboard doors are a great avenue to take.

These doors can be prone to scratches and marks in comparison to other doors- due to their shiny finish. The best way to clean these doors is to use a 5% liquid soap to 95% water solution and wipe with a soft cloth. Following this, use a dry cloth to wipe away the moisture, ensuring a clean and effective finish.

It is important not to use bleach or abrasive solutions as there is a chance it will spoil the finish. White gloss cupboard doors a particularly susceptible to marks so extra care needs to be taken when cleaning them!

Wooden Cupboard Doors

wooden kitchen unit

Solid wood cupboard doors really give a kitchen a traditional and timeless feel but without the right advice, can be rather difficult to maintain.

Our advice is to use a 5% liquid soap to 95% water solution, like the solution used for high gloss doors, with a damp cloth and finish with a soft dry cloth. The only diffe

rence to the treatment of wooden doors is that you should follow the grain of the wood, wiping off any spills or marks on the doors to avoid permanent damage.

Ensure that with these doors that you don’t use any alcohol or bleach products as it will ruin the finish. Wooden doors often lose their natural colour over time, especially when exposed to sunlight, but you can keep them looking fresh and bright by cleaning them regularly.

Vinyl Wrapped Cupboard Doors

At Kitchen Warehouse LTD, our vinyl wrapped cupboard doors can withstand the everyday spills and moisture build as well as any on the market. Our vinyl wrapped cupboard doors look fantastic, so here’s how you should look after them.

Use a damp wet cloth to clean off any dirty marks and stains and then dry with a soft cloth to remove the moisture and give your vinyl doors a nice gleaming shine. Avoid using any abrasive or chlorine-based cleaners as it will spoil the finish and can cause damage if you start scrubbing harshly.

Our vinyl wrapped cupboard doors are among our most popular products and you need to take care and look after them properly to ensure they last.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we don’t believe in simply selling you a product and then forgetting about you. Too many kitchen retailers are guilty of this. They are happy to sell you something then they don’t want to know about potential problems you may have further down the line.

Not only will we give you advice when you buy cupboard doors from us, but we also provide fully comprehensive aftercare services.

We have plenty of information on kitchen maintenance on our website, including a useful list of frequently asked questions. We’re also happy to give you advice on a personal basis at any time.

Kitchen doors can be an inexpensive way to spruce up your kitchen in the short or medium term but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look after them properly.

By using our quick and easy cleaning tips for each type of door then you can ensure that they last you a long time.

If you have any questions about looking after your cupboard doors then feel free to contact us.