The spaces where we cook and eat meals come in all shapes and sizes – such as an L-shaped kitchen. Certainly, an L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular options around these days. And the reason for that is simple; the linear shape is excellent for flow. This means it is possible to move smoothly, easily and quickly through the space.

Another reason the L-shaped kitchen is so popular is because it provides the most comfortable cooking space around. It is possible, for instance to have the cooker on one side of the ‘bend’ and the sink and fridge on the other. This is what kitchen designers refer to as the ‘working triangle.’ L-shaped kitchens are perfect for creating this triangle since it’s already two sides of the triangle for starters. Experts recommend the working parts of the triangle should ideally be around 1200mm distance from each other.

Meanwhile, hang utensils above the sink and make sure there are kitchen cabinets above the worktops for easy access to pots for cooking with.

L-shaped kitchens: great for small spaces

Why does an L-shaped kitchen work so well in a small space? Well, the main reason is that it manages to fit all appliances and storage containers etc into just two sides of your room. That leaves the rest of the space open, making the room itself appear much larger than it actually is. Keep the kitchen cabinets light coloured, and the walls and worktops too, and you will enhance that feeling of roominess. And that without adding even an inch to the overall physical space.

Another way of making a small kitchen appear larger is to have open shelving rather than cabinet doors. By doing so you ‘open up’ the space still further. Open shelving also makes items much more accessible – great when you’re cooking and in a hurry.

L-shaped kitchens: good for large spaces

If the room is pretty large but you still fancy an L-shaped kitchen then you can add an island onto the end of one of the rows of cabinetry. Just confine cooking and prepping to one tight area, meaning you have plenty of space for dining and relaxing at the other end.

If you don’t want to add an island then use the longer length of the L shape (if there is a difference) for prepping and dishing up meals. In doing so put appliances such as your coffee machine, food mixer and toaster etc on the shorter ‘L’ side.

L-shaped kitchens: perfect for open plan spaces

An L-shaped kitchen is great for the contemporary open plan kitchen, dining and seating area we see so often nowadays. That’s because the L-shape doesn’t take up too much room and it clearly delineates the kitchen area.

Another way of delineating the kitchen area is to use large overhead kitchen cabinets. These actually look better in an L-shaped kitchen than other forms, such as a galley or U-shaped kitchen. That’s because in the latter two designs, they can make the space seem oppressive. With an L-shaped kitchen though it’s already ‘open’ and uncluttered.

L-shaped kitchens: colour schemes

Because it is such an ‘open’ shape, you don’t have to worry about sticking to white and neutral colours for your kitchen cabinets and walls. Unless, your kitchen area is absolutely tiny that is – but if so, you’re more likely looking at a galley kitchen design. So, take advantage of the flexibility your L-shaped kitchen offers when it comes to colour and design.

Black gloss kitchen cabinets, for instance, would look terrific, especially with red accents. Include your blinds, toaster, kettle, chopping board and dish towels for getting that red accent colour in. Use white or silver tiles for splashbacks to break up the denseness of the black. Black also has the added advantage of making a kitchen look more expensive than it actually is, simply because it adds an element of sleek sophistication to any space.

Then again, you could do the same with white ie have the cabinets and flooring all white, with a bright coloured accent colour dotted around in the form of appliances etc.

A completely different idea is to consider painting your bottom and top cupboards two alternative colours or shades. The best balance is to have a darker shade on the bottom kitchen cabinets.

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