If you are a repeat customers of ours – or maybe even a new customer who is interested in bringing your kitchen to life in 2016 – then you might be wondering why we never offer a kitchen sale.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we are committed to providing the best quality products to our customers whether this be a complete kitchen redesign, replacement kitchen doors or even just a few handles and hinges to get your kitchen back into shape.

We love communicating with our clients and we don’t like leaving our customers wondering about any part of our service so this is why we are here to explain why we don’t offer kitchen sales.

Purchasing At Wholesale Prices

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we are in a prime position to offer cheap kitchen units to our clients.

One of the main reasons for this is because we purchase the materials at discount wholesale prices and then pass the savings onto you – the customer. We assemble our cheap kitchen units that are of the highest quality at our Yorkshire warehouse. If you look into some of the bigger kitchen unit and replacement kitchen door manufacturers they actually buy materials from businesses such as ourselves and then sell their products for a high mark up price.

We don’t believe in this. We believe in providing the best deal for our customers and this starts at offering a quality product for an affordable price.

Cutting Out The Middleman

So in a way we essentially cut out the middleman in the whole buying process.

If you think about it, going to a larger chain kitchen retailer you will be paying far more for your kitchen units than if you went to a manufacturer directly. These retailers need to first purchase their materials then sell them at a high price. For every extra step that a kitchen unit has to move through then the price is increased each time because, let’s face it, everyone needs to make a profit.

If you buy cheap kitchen units from the Kitchen Warehouse LTD then you are cutting out the middle man in the buying process which means that the product you get has not moved through as many steps and can therefore be sold at a reduced cost.

Buying From The Manufacturer

We took a bold decision when the UK was in the midst of the recession.

At that time we were mostly selling to traders, kitchen showrooms and property developers – then an idea hit us. If we can sell our kitchen units and doors to these professionals at an affordable price then why can’t we do the same for the general public?

It was a watershed moment for us and a big reason that we are as successful as we are today. While we offer advice on the design of your kitchen and what would suit your needs the fact is that if you already have a style in mind and know what you want then why should you have to pay high prices just to buy the materials from a high street chain?

Sales Are Used To Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

The majority of sales that retailers put on are used to get rid of unwanted items that they have in stock. Simply put they just want rid of out of date stock or items that aren’t selling well and they are willing to accept a reduced price if it means they get those items off their books.

When it comes to cheap kitchen units, replacement kitchen doors or even smaller kitchen products then we don’t want to sell you something that you might not want just because it is cheap. We want to provide a service to you that improves your home. We care about our customers and we want to help them.

While sales are a tried and tested way of shifting old stock we would much rather you freshened up your kitchen design with something you want not just because it is cheap.

Cheap Kitchen Units At The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

So this blog post is a way of telling our valued clients both new and existing that we don’t offer sales because our kitchen units, doors and accessories come at such a cheap price anyway.

Independent suppliers such as ourselves provide a far more personalised and tailored service. We are able to cut out the middleman so to speak when it comes to kitchen materials and this is one of the main reasons why we don’t have a high mark up on our products.

While many people do still flock to the big retailers when buying cheap kitchen units ask yourself this: are you really getting a genuine product that is of high quality? Or are you getting something that is mass produced and is likely to need replaced in a year anyway?

We want to help you not only improve your kitchen at home but also get what you want from a kitchen design. We offer such a wide range of cheap kitchen units at affordable prices without skimping on the quality.

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