Protecting your walls from splashes and general mess isn’t anything new. It is one of the reasons that we use tiles in the kitchen as they are generally easy to clean and don’t mark in the same way that paint or wallpaper will.

Is there a new method to doing this, though?

Having tiles or splash backs on your walls can be a tough decision and there are advantages to both. In this weeks blog for the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we want to look at what splash backs are and what is the best method of protecting your kitchen walls.

What Is A Splash Back?

A splash back is a specially designed to stop any splashes or spillages harming your walls. They can be made from a range of materials from plastic, glass or even stainless steel.

Many kitchens that have been wallpapered have a small section behind the cooker that is covered in tiles – this is essentially serving the same purposes as a kitchen splash back however in many ways a splash back has some advantages over having tiles in your kitchen.

The Benefits of a Kitchen Splash Back

One of the main reasons why so many people are buying splash backs instead of tiles is that it can often be easier to colour match your splash back to the rest of the room. Finding the ride shade of tile can be difficult whereas splash back generally come in one solid colour. So if, for example, you have black kitchen cabinets and you want to compliment this with an accent colour such as red then getting a red splash back is easier than installing red tiles.

They also prove to be a bit more durable in many cases too. You don’t need to worry about the grouting becoming dislodged or damaged and splash backs keep their aesthetic appeal for longer too.

That being said, tiles are still popular and there are reasons for this.

Tiles Have Their Advantages Too

Aside from the fact that many people just prefer tiles in their kitchen, they can often be a better fit in a design sense. It might be somewhat easier to find a splash back that matches your exact colour requirements however some kitchen designs actually suit tiles better. You can also mix and match tiles if you want to create a real contrast or unique look.

The durability of some splash backs also raises the question of whether tiles are the better option. While many are strong and will last, glass splash backs in particular are prone to breaking a lot easier than a tile will. If you want to create a traditional feel about your kitchen then tiles would be the better choice as well.

What Should You Go For?

There is no right or wrong answer and it depends on your own personal preference.

Splash backs are really becoming popular so if you want an ultra modern kitchen look then this is perhaps the best option. It can also create a much easier contrast between different colours and they are made from a variety of different materials.

Tiles on the other hand are an age old classic that certainly haven’t went out of tile. While they do perhaps require a little more maintenance they are a great accompaniment to a traditional kitchen design.

What do you think – are tiles still the best method to protect your kitchen walls or are splash backs the new must have method to reduce damage from splashes and spillages?

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