The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and in the true nature of the metaphysical study of Feng Shui, there is no difference, with a Feng Shui kitchen symbolising health, abundance and wealth. Feng Shui is classified as physiognomy, the observation of appearance through the use of formulas and calculations, and when used in the kitchen, Feng Shui’s historical significance relates to the importance of providing a safe, beautifully designed and healthy space for food preparation and consumption.

Many of the historic principles of a Feng Shui kitchens are now outdated, due to being based around the open fire pit stove, however there are a number of kitchen Feng Shui practices that can still apply to our home’s hearts today, so let’s take a look through some of those processes that we can apply to our contemporary kitchen spaces in order to maximise our health and wealth.

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The colour of your kitchen is a key component to ensuring it’s Feng Shui, however, colour is also an objective detail, with everyone having their own tastes, so there is no one size fits all process for selecting your colour palette, with the most important aspect being that the colour makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe within your kitchen environment. Here are a few colour ideas that may be useful to help Feng Shui your kitchen:

  • Blue and Orange – The two colours act as contrasting colours, with orange known as an appetite stimulator, closely associated with the joy of eating, while bringing warmth and light to your kitchen. While blue in contrast is used to balance out the energy that orange creates and delicately crafts a relaxing and soothing feeling. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have a wide range of Parisian, Ballroom and Stardust Blue kitchen units that you can choose from to help Feng Shui your kitchen.
  • Adding colour to your black and white kitchen – A contemporary kitchen design, is the use of black and white flooring, contrasted with the opposite colouring on your kitchen units and countertop surfaces. But Feng Shui principles would suggest that splashes of reds or oranges should be used to accent these colours, whether it be the simple addition of a bright red fruit bowl or the colour of your small kitchen appliances such as your toaster, microwave or kettle.

Clear Layout

One of the founding artistic principals of the ancient Chinese Feng Shui is the simplicity of layout, using formulas and calculations to find the perfect spacing and layout for your kitchen space. One aspect of Feng Shui-ing your kitchen’s layout is to remove any large overhead hanging objects, such as pans. Though copper pots hanging from the ceiling or walls can be an attractive feature, giving an old farmhouse feel to your space, the overhanging nature of these cooking appliances, can you make you feel unsafe and hence reduce the Feng Shui of your kitchen. Instead, you should look to add more functional storage to your kitchen layout, to provide you with plenty of places to keep you and your pots safe, why not browse our full range of kitchen units and find that additional storage you need to get your Feng Shui on.


Lighting plays an essential part in helping us as individuals feel awake and prepared for the day, and after the bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen is most often the next room we’ll find ourselves being active in, in the morning. So, it’s essential to keep the space as cheerful and light as possible, this ideally should be done using natural light through your windows, as that morning sunlight will help stimulate the production of serotonin to help improve your mood as well as giving you a dose of that all-important Vitamin D. But if natural light isn’t easy to come by in your kitchen then utilising the space you have to create a warming effect, is essential, from downlit lights under your wall-based kitchen units, to day light bulbs in your overhead kitchen lights, all helping to give your kitchen the perfect Feng Shui.

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So, there you have three tips and tricks to help Feng Shui your kitchen and here at the Kitchen Warehouse our expert kitchen designers are always on hand to help you design the perfect kitchen space for your home, so why not browse our full collection of kitchen units today, or give our team a call and see just how we can help.


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