Who doesn’t love a kitchen tile backsplash? It’s a great way to add a pop of colour and texture while being practical at the same time.

And, adding kitchen tiles to your walls, also allows you to show off your creative talents. That’s especially the case if you opt for a vibrant mosaic pattern or a colour with a number of co-ordinating hues.

Like changing the cabinet doors, adding kitchen tiles can do wonders for giving the room a reasonably inexpensive upgrade. They are also easy to clean (just wipe down with a damp cloth) as well as being very hard-wearing. Really, what’s not to like?

You don’t just have to stick to using tiles for splashbacks either. They can be added to any part of your kitchen wall or even flooring.

Admittedly getting the right tiles isn’t probably the first thought that goes through your head when planning a kitchen refurbishment. You’ll probably want to choose your kitchen cabinets first, along with your worktops. Your flooring or walls will probably come next though – certainly before you start choosing new appliances, anyway. Here are some of our favourite tile decorating looks:

Tantalising kitchen tile designs 

Subway tiles

Yes, rectangular subway tiles with a distinctive bevel have been around for a long time now but there’s a reason for that – they’re fab. Either in matt white or gleaming glass black, they add a retro and bistro-like touch to any kitchen. You can use them as wall tiles or as splashbacks; you will find they worked equally well both ways.

Mix and match tiles

It’s not a case that you’re restricted to having tiles either on the wall or floor. You can have both. It’s not too much tile – especially if you have a colourful pattern for the floor, for example, and white tiles for the walls. The opposite works well too. In other words, have bright mosaics or glass tiles as a splashback and plain grey stone tiles, for instance, on the floor.

Source antique tiles

Getting a whole set of antique tiles – or at least enough for your splashbacks – could prove challenging. But there are fab new tiles that are made to look antique and really do look the part. They’ll be a whole lot easier to put up too. These are great for a country style or Italian/Spanish/French kitchen. For originals you could always check out specialist antique houses.

Hang hexagonal kitchen tiles

A lovely way to add pattern to your kitchen, big hexagonal tiles are a little different to the square or rectangular norm. As such, they definitely add a ‘wow’ factor to any kitchen – especially when the top of the tiles resemble the battlements of a castle.

Feature an island

Just as you would put a rug underneath a table in the sitting room to ‘zone’ the eating area, you can do the same with a kitchen island and tiles. This has the effect of featuring the island further – making it a focal point (or one of them, anyway) in the kitchen.

Use bold floor designs

Jazz up plain wooden cabinets and neutral worktops with colourful geometric tiles on the floor. Use appliances in a striking matching accent colour, such as orange, teal or red etc. This looks equally good with a co-ordinating colour for your kitchen cabinets.

Get industrial with kitchen tiles

Large white subway-style industrial tiles on a kitchen wall look great when paired up with metallics, such as a silver range and cupboard. Brass and copper work equally as well. And wood, being neutral, can pretty much fit in anywhere.  

Get groovy with glass

Glass splashbacks have been around for a few years now. These large panels of tempered glass come in every shade under the rainbow. They can also be patterned or textured. Really, it just depends on how ‘out there’ you want to get – and what the rest of your kitchen looks like.

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