We love travelling back in time through a variety of kitchen designs.

Even though most people now prefer to opt for a modern kitchen with stainless steel or a high gloss finish that comprises of minimalism and bright colours, there is still something great about seeing an age old kitchen style. At the Kitchenware House LTD we have many kitchen units that are perfect for nostalgic kitchens and can provide the look that you want in one of the most important rooms of the home.

Here are three of our traditional kitchen units that will help you create a room from days gone by.

New England Units

These solid wood but light coloured traditional kitchen units are great for creating that age old feel. Traditional Kitchen Units

They provide a warm and welcoming sensation that ensures that you get the look you are after. The great thing about these New England kitchen units is that they can be mixed with a variety of colours including creams, whites and other shades of brown.

If you are after a colonial type design that will take your kitchen back a few years without it feeling out of date or fashion then these units are the perfect fit for anyone who is after a traditional style.


Indiana Kitchen Units

https://kitchenwarehouseltd.com/complete-kitchen-units/solid-wood/new-england-unitsIndiana state itself is a mix of old and new and this is reflected in these Indiana kitchen units that provide not only a traditional feel but also incorporate an element of modern design as well.

These units come in a lighter shade than the New England units above so they are good for creating a bright and breezy atmosphere. In fact, if you want to set a traditional tone that is also in keeping with an up to date style then you can’t go far wrong with these.

You whole kitchen doesn’t have to be completely traditional and with Indiana kitchen units you can combine tradition and modernity in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way.



Maine Kitchen Units

Finally we have Maine kitchen units that come in a more darker grain. Traditional Kitchen Units

Traditional kitchens used natural wood and these units are fantastic are providing this look. They are representative of the heavily forested state and you can almost feel the nostalgia in the room with the old yet stylish design. If you picture a log cabin somewhere in the forests of the north-eastern state then you are getting close to how these units will look in your kitchen.

These kitchen units represent a woody and solid oak feel that can transform your whole kitchen into a room from the past while still maintaining a hint of modernity.


Designing a kitchen is all about striking the balance between how you want it to look and keeping the room in line with modern style.

Traditional kitchen designs are still very popular and with these 3 traditional kitchen units you can not only have a nostalgic style but one which also allows you to keep your kitchen looking brand new and up to date.