Every year most of us seem to go along with the slogan ‘new year, new me’ and this generally lasts a few weeks until we go back into our old ways.

Well, if you really want to start the new year as you mean to go on then a small step you can take when it comes to your home is to clean your kitchen units. It is a bit early to call it a ‘Spring Clean’ but it can really organise and clean your kitchen units and keep your whole kitchen in much better shape.

Let’s face it, cleaning is usually near the bottom of the list for most people when it comes to enjoyable activities. That being said, keeping your kitchen in top condition is important not only to make it look good but also to ensure it stays durable in the long run.

So we, the Kitchen Warehouse team, have come up with a short guide on how you can get your kitchen organised, clean and looking fantastic for the year ahead.

Do not worry, it does not take a lot of work or time and sometimes the smaller things you do make a big impact!

Organise Your Units

How many of you throw a load of canned food or packets of sauce into the cupboard then forget about them?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of this or something similar. Things can really build up in our kitchen units and we all have that one cupboard that contains everything but you can never find what you are looking for without spending 10 minutes sorting through it all.

Clean out all your kitchen units and throw out anything that is past its sell-by date. You would be surprised how easy it is to buy something and then forget about it. In fact, if you have a load of tinned goods that you don’t think you’ll ever use (you’re probably thinking ‘why did I ever buy that?!’) then donate them to a local food bank.

It is a good idea to store certain items together that you might use at the one time and also make use of things such as teacup or coffee mug hooks which can free up extra space in your units.

How To Clean Your Kitchen Units Properly

Once you have discarded out of date food or got rid of things that you don’t need (less is sometimes better!) then you can start to clean your kitchen units properly.

Cleaning your kitchen units goes beyond simply running a damp cloth over them. To really have your units both inside and outside in sparking condition then it takes a little more than that. Steam cleaning solutions can be a great way to clean the space – see here.

You can hoover up any crumbs or bits of dirt that have accumulated in your kitchen units and then get to work with scrubbing them. A good tip if you do not want to buy any cleaner products is to use white vinegar diluted with a little water and use a clean cloth.

This will help to get rid of any dirt and grime but do not harshly scrub the kitchen unit doors as it can damage their surface depending on what material they are made from.

Maintain their condition

Doing this once is only half the battle.

You might think that cleaning and organising your kitchen cabinets once every 6 months or so is enough but if you do it regularly then it saves you time and effort. Following the simple methods above every couple of months will take you far less time than if you only do it twice a year.

Remember to rub down the front of your kitchen units more frequently to have them shining all year long. Kitchen units

It can be easy to simply go back to your old ways but putting new items in the first cupboard you see when you come back from the shop instead of making an effort to keep everything together and in an orderly fashion will cause confusion and really mess things up.

Carrying out this process by first emptying your kitchen units, discarding out of date food, ingredients or drinks and then thoroughly cleaning your units will keep them in tip-top condition.

Kitchen Units From The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

If you find that your kitchen cupboards are really in a bad condition then perhaps look at investing in some new kitchen units for your home – you can also purchase replacement kitchen doors if that is all you require.

It is actually cheaper than you might think to revamp your kitchen with some new units and we have an abundance of different styles, materials and designs to choose from that will look at home in any kitchen.

If this isn’t an option at the minute then using the above methods to clean and reorganise your kitchen can really make it shine. It is also a much more practical and efficient way to use your kitchen. If you are hoping to upgrade your kitchen now or in the near future then we will be happy to have a talk with you to first see what you can afford and also what works best for your home.

Do not neglect your kitchen units, make sure they stay in top shape all year round! For any further details, you can get in touch with our team by visiting our contact page or by calling 01765 640 000

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