While it’s true that a brand-new kitchen is always likely to be one of the biggest investments you make in your home – a veritable big ticket purchase; it’s also true that it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Firstly, a new kitchen can be more affordable than you think. Secondly, there are ways to upgrade your kitchen without ‘going the whole hog’. Replacement kitchen doors give you the best of both worlds in many ways. On one hand, replacing just the fronts of your existing kitchen cabinets saves you money. It also allows you to keep the layout of your existing kitchen. After all, if you are happy with it, why should you reinvent the wheel? You can save yourself the hassle and disruption that a brand-new kitchen renovation can entail. Last but not least, it gives off the look of a completely new kitchen – refreshing the look superbly. It really is a no-brainer.

Upgrade your kitchen – don’t just make do

Of course, you could be putting off a kitchen upgrade because of financial reasons. It might be that you are limited by the terms of the lease, if you rent your house of apartment. The good news is that there are some easy ways to upgrade your kitchen anyway. Remember, often it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Another reason to look for easy and cost-effective ways to upgrade your kitchen is to fix those little niggles and inconveniences that spring up over time. The kitchen is one of the – if not the – most used rooms in the house. However, we still tend to make do when little things go wrong: the wonky drawer, the poor lighting, etcetera. We get used to these little annoyances. But why should we? Why put up with inconvenience on a daily basis? Well, us humans are often pretty good at trying to put off the inevitable until it is absolutely necessary to do something about it. But you don’t have to make do – you can upgrade your kitchen easily instead. Here’s how…

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Upgrade your kitchen: Let there be (better) light

When all is said and done, lighting can make or break a kitchen. Therefore, it’s somewhat surprising that many people often don’t consider the lighting in the kitchen when planning a DIY upgrade. The thing is that lighting can make a massive difference to any room. Its importance should never be underestimated. Be creative with lighting to achieve the look and ambience that you want. Even something as simple as swapping a bulb to one with less or more fluorescence – or changing a light fixture to create a statement feature – can truly transform any space. It’s easy, effortless and affordable too. Pendants and small chandeliers can be the perfect addition to a kitchen.

If your kitchen isn’t blessed with natural light to bring out the best in the space, lighting becomes even more important. If you fancy getting adventurous, under-cabinet lighting is great for creating warmth and a sense of mood in the kitchen. There are multiple options too. You can choose to install LED spotlights, or – if you are renting the property – you can buy strips of stick-on LED lights to affix to the underside of the cabinets. This will show you how a few little additions to the lighting landscape really can change everything. It will also create a contemporary and modern feel for the kitchen.

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Update your backsplash

The backsplash is the unsung hero of the kitchen. The part of the wall that takes the strain and the brunt of your cooking with splashes of sauce; the wall space behind your cooker and counters really does take a battering on a daily basis. Of course, a backsplash is generally easy to wipe clean. However, over time – like anything – it can stain and begin to wear down. It can begin to look a bit tired. Updating your backsplash is an easy and affordable way to make a big difference and update your kitchen. Whether it’s to freshen up a look or to fit in with a new colour scheme, changing up can be a great move.

If you don’t currently have a backsplash, you should seriously consider adding one. This can create a real feature for your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be expensive tiles. You can simply choose waterproof paint. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

But what about a rental properties? All is not lost! Kitchen colour schemes in rental homes tend to be white or cream – any tone that is neutral. Over time, this can look a bit tired and drab. One way to freshen the overall look up with tile decal stickers. These are reversible. Indeed, few landlords would have been an issue with you installing a permanent backsplash as it upgrades the rental. Just make sure you check with the landlord first.

Update your kitchen cabinet handles

Replacing the fronts of your existing cabinets is a cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen. This is a particularly good idea if your cabinets are in good nick, and you are generally happy with the overall layout of your kitchen as it is.

But you can also make an even smaller makeover to your cabinets: why not simply change the handles? It’s surprising how such a small change can make such a big difference – but it really does. You can transform the look from traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary in a matter of minutes.

Swap your sink

The sink unit in your kitchen can look a bit battered and bruised after a while. When something looks outdated and worn, it brings the rest of the space down with it. Replacing the faucet with a different look can have a dramatic effect.

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Other things to consider:

Work wonders with your worktops

Your worktops contribute greatly to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Of course, if you are bored with what you have – or if your worktops are beginning to look tired and worn – you can replace them. However durable and stunning as quartz worktops are, they are a relatively expensive change to make. This puts many homeowners off. But if the purse strings are tight, you do have other options.

Depending on the size and shape of the countertops, simply choosing chopping boards with attractive designs can make the overall look much easier on the eye. Another option is to cover worktops with marble contact paper. It’s a quick fix but creates a genuine transformation.

A fresh lick of paint

Painting the walls or even just the ceiling can make an incredible difference to your kitchen, so consider giving it a fresh breath of life before you make any other changes. You could even use a different colour on one wall to make it a feature in the room, just pick which one you would like to draw the eye to upon entering the space. You will be amazed at the effect that can be achieved.

Vinyl stickers – another cheap upgrade

Flooring has a big impact on the overall feel of a room too. However, replacing flooring can be a pretty expensive option. The good news is that is doesn’t have to be. Vinyl stickers can look absolutely stunning on both laminate and tiled floors. With a bit of creative thought and imagination, you can transform even the ugliest looking of lino kitchen floors.

Upgrade your kitchen: The Final Word

The kitchen is the busiest room in the modern family home. It’s a place of work and creativity – cooking and baking; but it’s also a place for socalising and entertaining. When a space is used so much it creates a set of challenges. Over time, wear and tear will occur naturally. Before long, even a room that is well cleaned and cared for can begin to look a bit worn and frazzled.

We shouldn’t have to just make do. We spend a lot of time in this space so we should really do all we can to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. But life takes over inevitably, and those little jobs that could make all the difference sometimes never get done.

Another big stumbling block is money. Everything seems to cost more these days and for people money is very tight. However, whilst a a full kitchen renovation can be extremely expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Get in touch with the friendly team at Kitchen Warehouse and we guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable many of the options are.

And, even if a full re-fit isn’t on the agenda – for whatever reason, we have illustrated here the wide range of cost-effective and simple, straightforward, and relatively small things you can do that revitalise any kitchen space. You really don’t have to move mountains. You can make big changes even on the tightest of budgets.

Take the plunge, let yourself go with your creativity and you will be amazed at what can be achieved!