We all love our kitchens – big, small, roomy or poky – we’re very fond of them! They’re where we cook, where we eat, where we talk, where we relax and where we spend our quality time with our significant others. They’re the most important room in the home and also one of the most used, if not the most used.

Being the commonly utilised results in them also tending to see a lot of wear and tear than other rooms and this can take its toll. In addition, there are also stylistic issues. What was fashionable only a few years ago, can look dated and unattractive in a not very long space of time. This all comes together and means that a kitchen refresh is often a great idea and it doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as you’d imagine it to be. We’re going to take a look at some great ways to do so for less.

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Replacement Kitchen Doors – Kitchen Warehouse


Reface your Kitchen Doors

The idea of completely gutting an old kitchen and adding all new units and white goods is one that makes people’s bank managers weep. However, there’s a great way around it – simply revamp your kitchen with a new kitchen front.

This saves greatly on the expense of a whole new kitchen and so is a far more beneficial way to give your kitchen a new lease of life if

you don’t intend on spending a large sum. The reality is that a lot of kitchens are in perfectly good nick and the only issue is aesthetic. By refacing your kitchen doors and cabinets you keep the structure intact for the most part but just change the style.

There are all sorts of great styles to choose from and using replacement kitchen doors as an option is a great way to five your kitchen that new lease of life it’s desperately crying out for.

At Kitchen Warehouse we have been selling quality kitchens and kitchen doors at trade prices for years in the North Yorkshire and Yorkshire area and have seen the impact that such additions have on kitchens – take a look at our testimonials and gallery to get an idea.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

New furniture does not need to cost the earth, but it can really give your kitchen the help it needs.

Obviously, if looking to purchase furniture the likes of Ikea and others tend to spring to mind. However, just like the kitchens they create, it tends to be a case of style over substance. Quality well put together solid oak wood furniture does not have to cost the earth.

We have previously mentioned how the kitchen is one of the most utilised and worn down areas of the house. Simply because it is often the ‘doing’ area and the central social hub of the home and this is the reason why we suggest investing in solidity. Needless to say, this solidity does not have to come at a compromise in terms of style or price – there are plenty of great companies out there, such as Kitchen Warehouse, who can provide strong, attractive, sturdy wood furniture at great prices.

Lighting for your Refurb

The power of lighting or light in any room can often make all the difference. In a kitchen or multi-tasking area, it is even more important than it may otherwise be. However, once again kitchens do not require a large investment to look great.

Being open to ideas and shopping around can ensure that you can create some great, multi-tasking forms of lighting for a lot less. Pinterest has some great ideas on the subject and if you are willing to be a little creative it can be a fabulous low-cost option.

Paint and Décor for Less

Of course, one quick and easy win for those hoping to give their kitchen a lift comes in the shape of the décor and paint. Great décor doesn’t have to cost the earth as anyone who has seen the difference a can of paint and some sweat will tell you.

Décor wise, the kitchen can be quite an eclectic area and because of this, we would say that every effort is different. If you’re looking for low cost extras for the kitchen then web based communities such as Freecycle are an awesome way to get stuff for less. Gumtree and eBay also have their place and there are plenty of things that can add to your kitchen décor on them.

Designing a new kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive and using our tips around replacement kitchen doors and for furniture, paint and décor you can do so for less.

So, if you’re looking for a North Yorkshire or UK company to provide you with quality new kitchen fronts at a fraction of the cost – we’d be delighted to help.