It’s a question we are often asked – “what kitchen doors suit a small kitchen”?

While it sometimes feels like every kitchen design website shows kitchen units in a massive kitchen, for many of us, our kitchens are a far more modest size.

But having a small kitchen doesn’t have to mean having an unexciting one! There are plenty of kitchen doors that work perfectly in a smaller space.

With this in mind, we explore which kitchen doors suit smaller kitchen spaces.


Cashmere Colour KitchenDo light coloured doors make a kitchen look bigger?

Put simply – yes. Choosing lighter shades for your kitchen doors can make a smaller space look larger. The reason? Light is reflected rather than absorbed.

Choosing neutral kitchen doors can provide the perfect backdrop to your smaller kitchen space – and it doesn’t have to be white! Take, for example, our cashmere high gloss doors – they provide a perfectly reflective finish which opens up your space without feeling stark or sterile.

Or for those who want to introduce a little more colour into the kitchen, our Pantry Blue smooth shaker doors provide a light finish, but in an exciting colour.


Can I have dark kitchen units in a small kitchen?

With greys, blacks and darker colours currently dominating interior design trends, it’s no wonder that many of those with a smaller kitchen space are asking this question.

While dark colours can dominate a space, there’s no reason why you cannot have darker coloured kitchen units in a smaller kitchen. The secret is to balance them well with other elements of the kitchen so that they are not overpowering.

This can be done by contrasting dark colours – such as our dust grey smooth shaker units with a lighter coloured worktop – or even with contrasting, lighter coloured units if space allows.

Additionally, choosing kitchen cabinetry with a more reflective finish will also allow light to be reflected, even against a darker colour.

Adding little touches such as lighting under wall or base units also provides an additional element of excitement to your kitchen, while also offering a further opportunity to brighten up the space.


handleless kitchen doorsChoose handless designs to give a small kitchen more space

When there’s little room for manoeuver in your kitchen, every inch can count. Choosing a handleless kitchen door gives you just a tad more space in your kitchen and offers a contemporary finish.

Handless wall units also give a smooth-edged look, that can make your space appear larger – as the eye is not drawn to distracting features, and provides a sleek final aesthetic.

Handleless kitchens provide a streamlined look that can make your small kitchen look less cluttered, and, depending on the design that you choose, can also make it slightly easier to fit more kitchen units into the available space.

Curved edged doors create an illusion of space

Choosing kitchen cabinetry with curved edges can also provide a little more room in a smaller kitchen space – and also avoids unintentionally bumping into hard corners when you’re moving around.

Curved kitchen units can also soften the shape of your room, providing a better flow, and therefore giving an appearance of a larger and more open space.


How to get more storage out of a small kitchen

Of course, one of the main priorities for anyone with a less roomy kitchen is to get the very most out of the storage within their kitchen units. Cluttered worktops can make a small room look even tinier, so having a “place for everything” and keeping as much off of your kitchen worktops as possible will help to maximise the space.

Corner units are often underutilised, so consider choosing a kitchen unit with a Lazy Susan insert can give you more room to house pots, pans or even foodstuffs.

Narrow base pull out storage can provide the perfect place for those awkward kitchen essentials such as oils or spices and those small bottles and jars that you just can’t quite seem to find a home for.