Love the look of a high gloss kitchen but worried it won’t look right in your home? A high gloss kitchen finish can transform a tired, old kitchen into a space you can be truly proud of. Luckily, they work in most setting but here Kitchen Warehouse take a look at some of the environments where high gloss kitchens really come into their own.

Modern kitchens

Although a matt look tends to be more in favour with new kitchens these days, this should not discourage you from looking at what a high gloss finish has to offer. This look still has a place in the heart of many, and for good reason. It can really add a sleek and stylish feel to your kitchen that most modern rooms strive for.

It is important to know that even though matt may be the go to kitchen finish of the here and now, trends move quickly in kitchen design, with many people still desiring a high gloss finish for a shinier kitchen, so a high gloss kitchen could be back on trend before you know it!

Smaller kitchens

High gloss kitchens are a great way of making a space appear bigger than it really is, so if you have a smaller kitchen then it could be beneficial to install high gloss kitchen units and high gloss kitchen doors. If you have a smaller kitchen that is in need of some added space, then the reflective finish will allow light to bounce throughout the room. Be ready to wow visitors with just how much you can do with limited space with a high gloss kitchen!

Kitchens for non-families

Once you start a family, every decision about the design of your home comes with the kids in mind. This should be no different with the kitchen, and as much as we would love to tell you that a high gloss kitchen finish would be perfect for your family, we feel like we would be doing you a disservice.

It is important to note that marks, spillages, fingerprints and any other imperfections appear easier on a high gloss kitchen finish than any other surface. With this in mind, a matt kitchen may be a more appropriate finish for your kitchen redesign.

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