If you Google kitchen suppliers then you will find a bigger list than just The Kitchen Warehouse.

There are many outlets that provide kitchen supplies, replacement doors or completely new kitchens in the UK but what sets us apart from the rest? We are continually ranked among the best in Britain for the work we do and the products we provide. This is why we are one of the most trusted kitchen retailers in the UK and why so many people use our business every year.

So, why are we so popular and why should you use The Kitchen Warehouse if you want to buy a new kitchen?

Our history

We are a family run company that has been trading for over 15 years now.

We have a firm commitment to provide premium quality kitchen units, doors and accessories at affordable prices. In fact, the recession a decade ago changed the way we do much of our business. Prior to this we mainly dealt with high street kitchen design services, showrooms, property developers and builders to sell our products. Due to the economic downturn many homeowners found it difficult to get the money together to invest in a new kitchen and when they went to a kitchen showroom they were being charged a high markup price for kitchen products that we were able to provide anyway.

This is why we started to turn our attention to dealing with the general public. Why pay a bigger price for the same product if you can come to us directly?

At our core we are a family company with local staff that have a lot of expertise and have been in the business for many years. This really helps to bring a sense of personal identity to our business and this is why clients keep coming back to us again and again.

With our combined experience of the industry, we have been able to face the challenges which can arise during the supply and manufacture of the highest quality kitchen units.

Why choose The Kitchen Warehouse

There are several reasons why you should choose The Kitchen Warehouse for your new kitchen and they are why so many people use our service again and again or recommend us to their family and friends.

You can save money

Most people believe that they can get a cheaper deal online than anywhere else. The internet has radically changed the way in which businesses approach the market and their customers.

Are we the cheapest kitchen retailer out there? No. The reason for this is that there are many budget kitchen retailers who specialise in lower quality products. We aren’t in the market of providing budget kitchens wiht inferior quality instead we pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality kitchens at an affordable price. It isn’t the cheapest deal on the internet but we aren’t aiming for this. We target those who want a high quality kitchen at a price that is reasonable and within their means. You won’t find a cheaper deal for the actual quality that we provide.

We also don’t buy into ‘web only deals’. Why should the way that you access your products be different if you go on our website or visit our showroom? We don’t want to create two tiers of customer so we offer the same prices regardless of whether you buy a replacement kitchen door online or in person.

Cut out the ‘middleman’

Using our service means that you can cut out the middleman in the buying process.

Let’s say that you go to a high street showroom. A designer comes to your home, shows you some different options and then you pick out some great looking kitchen cabinets. The problem is that you are more than likely paying a lot more money than the cabinets should actually cost. Showrooms and designers get their products from us so why can’t you do this as well? If you know what it is you need then why should you need to pay more?

We’re found that the average person can save up to £3500 by dealing directly with ourselves rather than going to another business. This allows homeowners to receive high quality kitchen cabinets at a more affordable cost without the huge mark up in price.

Staff you can trust

Not only do we pride ourselves on being able to offer premium quality units, doors and kitchen accessories at a reasonable price but we also have a great staff retention rate too.

We take employee development seriously and the people that we have are fully committed to what they do. This has wide ranging benefits for you – the customer. It means that you get a high quality service from staff who are genuinely interested in their job and are dedicated to ensuring that you get the kitchen you deserve.

By having a low staff turnover rate at The Kitchen Warehouse we can keep together a small, talented and devoted team who are enthusiastic about showing you the potential your kitchen has.

Tips for using our service

There are a few simple things that can help your experience with us be as seamless as possible.

For example, if you are visiting our showroom in Ripon, North Yorkshire, then bring the right measurements with you. This makes it far easier for our team to not only pick out the units that will suit your kitchen but also ensure that you get the proper advice around things such as storage options too. We offer a fitting service within 60 miles of our showroom however if you find yourself outside of this catchment zone then we recommend that you get in touch with a local kitchen fitter to actually install the new kitchen in your home. We can even work with your kitchen fitter as well to ensure that everything in straightforward.

We deliver nationwide and you can even order a sample of our kitchen doors. This is a great idea to ensure that they actually look good in your home. There is a cost with this however if you go onto buy from The Kitchen Warehouse after you have bought your sample we will deduct the price of the sample from your overall cost.

Bring your home to life with a new kitchen

These are just some of the reasons why The Kitchen Warehouse is so popular in the UK.

We have a long history in providing high quality kitchen units, replacement kitchen doors and various kitchen accessories to our customers. Not only are we able to cut out the middleman so to speak and allow you to buy directly from us which cuts the overall cost of your new kitchen but we invest in our staff and have a dedicated team that will help you every step of the way. We are committed to ensuring that you get the kitchen you deserve without the huge cost but with the same quality you would expect to pay a lot more money for.

If you have any other questions or queries that we haven’t addressed in this blog then we have a handy FAQ section on our website.

The Kitchen Warehouse has been providing high quality yet affordable kitchens for well over a decade now and with our talented team and loyal customer base we hope to do so for years to come as well.