You might be thinking that the hard decisions are over once you’ve picked your kitchen units – but you‘re mistaken! At Kitchen Warehouse, we believe that the finishing touches are just as important as the units themselves, which is why we provide a large range of kitchen door handles for you to choose from. Despite their obvious practical importance, kitchen door handles are a key contributor to the overall look and feel of your kitchen and are kitchen accessories that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.


Kitchen door handles come in many different shapes and sizes. Our range of handles and knobs cater to any preference and budget, and range from simple bar handles to more patterned, crafted designs.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we stock modern kitchen handles that, you guessed it, work perfectly in a modern, contemporary kitchen that could benefit from a more quirky and unorthodox design.

If you are looking for a simple and practical handle then our range of traditional kitchen door handles could be for you, allowing the beauty of your door to take centre stage Colour

When choosing a kitchen door handle, it’s important that you give this decision plenty of thought and carefully consider which colour fits your kitchen best. Our handles are available in a variety of colours that can fit consistently with a theme that you are looking to implement or already have in your kitchen or can contrast with to give a new perspective to your design.

Kitchen Warehouse stock handles in many finishes ranging from aluminium to brushed steel, allowing you to customise your kitchen in any way you see fit. These allow you to partner these handles with multiple colours of cabinet, giving you the combination that you desire the most.


It is also important you consider the practical elements of any kitchen handle you have your eye on – this is something that many people fail to consider. If you have young children, it may be valuable to have a handle that is easy to grasp and simple to use (for every door except the sweet cupboard!). Or perhaps you might want to consider its safety element –  how much does it stick out from the unit? Are there pointed edges that risk hurting a child if they catch themselves it?

So, now you know some key points to consider to help narrow down your choice, why not come and check out our full range of kitchen unit door handles to see which is the best fit for you?

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