Do a quick Google search and you will find loads kitchen door suppliers in the UK.

Seriously, there are a lot. This means that the market is extremely competitive however this is something that we thrive on. At The Kitchen Warehouse we are committed to providing a high quality product at an affordable price for our customers. We have built up a solid reputation in a market where companies come and go all the time however we have remained at the forefront and continue to offer great replacement kitchen doors, complete kitchen units and accessories to the public.

How have we managed to do this? Rather than roll back what we offer to limit the geographical areas we cover, we have actually grown.

In an age when businesses start and fold all the time, how have we managed to stay competitive and expand our services over the last few years?

2008 Changed Everything

It seems so long ago now – over a decade! – however the 2008 recession changed the market for us. It took years for the UK to recover properly from this period and many kitchen doors suppliers went out of business.

We didn’t and instead we changed the way in which we operate.

Prior to 2008 we only sold our products to high end kitchen showrooms, kitchen fitters and property developers. Basically, we didn’t sell directly to the public. The problem was that the general public would have to buy our kitchen doors from showrooms and designers. This meant that they were paying a high markup on the overall price. Why shouldn’t they be able to deal directly with us and get the most effective option for their home?

If someone knows what they want and what specifications they need then why should they have to fork out for a high price? With this in mind we changed our strategy and we began to offer out kitchen doors and complete kitchen units to the public. By creating an easy to use website and showing clear prices without any hidden extras then we were able to expand our own customer base and allow people to get a new kitchen for a lesser cost.

How We Work

At the Kitchen Warehouse we are committed to staff development and we employ many local people from the area. We don’t believe that having a high staff turnover is a good thing so we invest in our staff and ensure that they stay with us for a long time.

This has benefits for you as a customer too.

Not only will you be dealing with people who are experts in what they do and can advise you and work with you so that you get exactly what you need, but they enjoy their job as well. This definitely makes a different to the overall service you receive.

We realise that not everyone can get to our showroom which is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. This is why we have everything on our website. You can buy a sample replacement kitchen door from us that will be delivered to your door and if you proceed with your order of new kitchen doors then we refund the cost of the sample.

There aren’t many kitchen doors suppliers that will offer this service.

So, the way we work is different than many other businesses out there and we believe this is reflected in our positive staff, work culture and how we are viewed by the public.

We Don’t Sell Low Quality Doors

We don’t actually make our own kitchen doors.

Why? Well, there are many great manufacturers out there so why should we focus on something that they do best? Instead, we put our efforts into sourcing the highest possibly quality of kitchen doors and kitchen doors from manufacturers throughout Europe and we put our attention into our customers.

The manufacturers we deal with are among the very best in the world. We have built up a great reputation with all these companies to ensure that you get a high quality product. Not only that, but our kitchen doors are affordable too. Can you buy cheaper products elsewhere? Probably. However what you are guaranteed with us is genuine quality and you won’t be disappointed with the product that you receive.

Other Benefits You Get

By choosing us as your kitchen doors suppliers you get a host of other benefits too.

As we mentioned above, not everyone is able to get to our showroom which is located in North Yorkshire. This is why we deliver nationwide whether you live in another part of England, Scotland, Wales or even Ireland. We use both your own transport and external courier services to ensure your doors, units or accessories are received in a timely manner.

If you do live a bit closer to us then we can also offer a measure and design service for anyone who is within a 20 mile radius of HG4 5LZ. Even if you do get a local fitter to measure everything up, we will have a look at the plan and specifications and give you a manufactures quote to ensure that you get the best price. This has been our job for two decades so we can point out any flaws or things that need changed as well.

You can have a look at many questions that people ask us on a regular basis on our website.

Choose Us As Your Kitchen Door Suppliers

Like we said, do a quick google search for ‘kitchen doors suppliers’ and find out how many results you get. Hundreds if not thousands and that is just here in the UK!

There are many reasons why people keep coming back to us time and time again.

Not only did we change the way in which we do business around 10 years ago but we have crafted our strategy over the years to ensure that the general public get what they want in a cost effective manner. We don’t believe in pricing people out of getting a new kitchen nor do we want to offer cheap products that will need replacing in a couple of years.

We offer high quality kitchen doors, complete kitchen units and many accessories and couple this with our expert staff then you will get the kitchen you deserve.

If you want any more information on how we can help make your dream kitchen a reality then contact us today and we will be happy to help out.