Your home is your castle and like all castles, there’s a whole host of different shapes, styles and designs.

And as with a castle, a kitchen design needs to reflect the functional needs, aesthetic preferences and everyday requirements of the owner. It could be said with tongue in cheek that where the Normans had a portcullis you may need a double sink.

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to kitchens and what a specific individual needs and other wants can vary vastly – trust us we know. In addition, the kitchen needs to fit with the house itself. A great kitchen needs to suit the style, the décor and the feeling of the home and we’re going to show you how to decide on one that does just that.

Modern Kitchens & Lasting Value

A kitchen needs to add long term value to a home in both terms of functional use and also financial too.


One of the things we pride ourselves on is giving the right advice and helping you to look well down the road and into the future in terms of the style, design and investment you’re making. Being on-trend is important when it comes to design, however, longevity is equally as pivotal and ensures you won’t end up having to re-plan a kitchen redesign in the short period after this one has been installed.

For example, the industrial style kitchen was a big trend a decade or more ago. However, they were in a word a fad and in our opinion have dated poorly. A great modern kitchen design should be fashionable, but also look great, always and forevermore!

Luxury Modern Kitchens

As a case in point if you have a newer home or a house with modern décor the current trend for gloss surfaces with wooded kitchen fittings is one that manages to induce that wow factor and will still last the test of time. It’s attractive, has longevity and fits well with the modern angular aesthetic. The modern kitchen works well with ceramic hobs, steam ovens, smoked glass and the modern finishes provided on work surfaces in the contemporary kitchen.

Older homes provide a different challenge, mainly because they come in so many different sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Lumping a modern kitchen into an old country cottage with roof beams, or a Tudor style 1950s home doesn’t work quite as easily.

Experienced Kitchen Fitters and Kitchen Designers

It’s in these cases, where an older home with a very distinctive style is involved, that the professional know-how and experience of quality kitchen fitters is important. Experienced fitters and designers will have seen hundreds of kitchens and dozens similar, albeit not exactly the same as yours. With older homes, everything from the shape and height of the room (which is often low in older homes) to the style and finish on appliances, as well as a chimney surround or breast has to be considered.

Our quality kitchen designers and fitters have an almost innate understanding of the possibilities and also potential things that need an eye kept on within an older kitchen or home.

One of the best things a person can do before they get a new kitchen is to have a quick think about a number of things and think about what they want.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing your next kitchen:

  • What is your dream kitchen?
  • When you first saw this home what sort of kitchen did you envisage?
  • Is your kitchen shape suitable, or would a new kitchen shape work better?
  • Is the kitchen just for cooking?
  • Do you use the kitchen for other uses such as homework, socialising and hanging out?
  • Do you need to completely overhaul your kitchen or would replacement kitchen doors and cabinets suffice?
  • Will the kitchen style you want fit in with the rest of the home and its décor?
  • Does it work with the current doors and window frames in the kitchen and home?
  • Are there any major structural factors you would need to consider if making big changes to your kitchen?

These questions make a big difference to the kitchen, your home and the long term use of the area and overall value of your home. According to statistics, a desirable kitchen can increase the worth of a home. So, as well as make it a nicer place to live, it’s also a lot easier to sell according to estate agents. It’s an investment for the future that also benefits now and you may be thankful for when you sell your home.

So, when considering a new kitchen make sure to think of how it fits in with your current home to ensure short term happiness and long term gain.