There is something wholly nostalgic about having a traditional kitchen design.

Whether it is taking you back to your childhood or simply trying to rekindle the memories of the past a traditional kitchen can, and often does, look as good as any modern theme. In fact, with the selection of wooden cupboard doors that are available, you can even combine the best elements of a traditional and modern style into one.

While wooden cupboard doors are still very popular in households across the UK there has been a shift towards other styles that radiate a more modern or 21st-century design. Even though high gloss and shaker kitchen doors do bring a more minimalist look to the room there is still a place for wooden doors to enhance your kitchen.

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen to a more traditional style or even create an old and new hybrid design then read on to find out why here at the Kitchen Warehouse we feel that wooden cupboard doors are an inspired choice.

What’s The Big Deal With Wooden Cupboard Doors?

While wooden cupboard doors are being replaced in many households by flashier and more minimalist styles there is still a big market for them.

Put simply a wooden door can match with a whole variety of different designs. If you buy a standard shaker door in blue for instance then there is only a limited amount of colour schemes that will work. The difference with wooden cupboard doors is that they can be matched with a load of different colours in the kitchen without looking out of place.

Another major selling point is the price. Even though you can get cheaper options than a wooden door the durability and range of design options make them a very affordable option for many people.

Why Is Solid Oak So Popular?

Solid oak kitchen doors are known for their durability, strength, appealing design and low maintenance.

The solid oak doors from the Kitchen Warehouse LTD are made with a traditional five-piece method that has a solid timber centre panel – this provides durability and resistance against moisture and peeling over time. In fact, solid oak is a great choice if you have heavy worktops as it can support these where other kitchen doors and kitchen units can’t.

With a solid oak kitchen door, you also create a welcoming and warm feeling in the kitchen. Their shade emits a comfortable ambience in the room and it doesn’t take much to clean or look after these doors either. In fact, they can also be easily fixed if any damage does occur. Light Oak Wooden Doors

Creating That Traditional Kitchen Design

So you have decided on wooden cupboard doors for your kitchen and want to know how to create that traditional kitchen design than perhaps takes you back to your childhood.

It should be noted that ‘traditional’ is quite a general term in kitchen aesthetics. What appears traditional for one household might not run true for another. That being said there are some things you can do to create this look.

Avoid colours that are too bright or flashy like blue and instead opt for creams, whites and even light grey. While modern kitchens thrive on a minimalistic look the aim here is to fill your worktops, windowsills and other parts of the room with hanging baskets, fruit and other homely items. This helps to bring the traditional setting to your kitchen and what you are after is a natural look – not one where everything appears perfect.

Looking After Your Wooden Cupboard Doors

Every kitchen door material and design needs to be regularly maintained so that it keeps its new look and wooden cupboard doors are no different.

Even though they can be somewhat easier to maintain than some kitchen doors they do take a bit of work. Soap and warm water with a soft cloth is the best way to get rid of any small marks or stains on wooden cupboard doors. Avoid using any chemicals or cleaning products as they can damage the wood.

Solid oak doors also show fewer marks than white kitchen doors for example so even if there are some marks you won’t notice them as much.

Buying The Right Doors For Your Kitchen

Choosing the right look for your kitchen takes a lot of time to get it right.

If you want to create a traditional look to your kitchen and really emphasise the ‘homely’ feel to your room then wooden cupboard doors are the perfect way to do this. The great thing is that they are not even expensive to buy.

Many people seem to think that solid oak doors are one of the most expensive options when it comes to designing a kitchen however they are actually cheaper than many other kitchen doors on the market.

They can be combined with a wide variety of different colour schemes and styles too. In fact, if you do not want your whole kitchen to have that traditional feel you can even combine wooden cupboard doors with more modern elements and create a hybrid of old and new in your home. Contact us for more information by calling us on 01765 640 000.