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Are my kitchen units a standard size?


We consider a standard sized base unit to be 720mm in height, (not including any legs or plinth/ kickboard). These will vary in widths but if your units are 720mm high, it is fairly certain they are of ‘standard size’.

Standard sized wall units usually come in three standard sized heights, these are; 575mm, 720mm or 900mm (again these will vary in width). If your kitchen units are not of these height(s) they are not considered to be a standard size.

If your units are a standard size, the size of the door needed will be slightly smaller than the cabinet size. For example, if you have standard-sized kitchen cabinets of 720mm, these will take a standard sized door from any of the ranges at 715mm in height. 

A wall unit measuring in at 900mm in height would take a replacement kitchen door at 895mm and so on.

The same can be said for width, so a 600mm wide kitchen cabinet would need a 596 width replacement kitchen door.

If you had a 720mm x 600mm kitchen cabinet (height x width) you would need to order a 715 x 596 replacement kitchen door. All sizes on the website are displayed Height x Width.

You should measure your unit from the base of the unit to the top of the unit, not including any other components and always work in millimeters as it is more accurate. If you are unsure of any part of measuring your kitchen cabinets, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

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If your kitchen units are not standard sizes. Don't worry! We can offer a made to measure service in any of the Gloss Acrylic Colours, the Matt Acrylic Colours and some of the Luxury Shaker style doors - although these shaker style made to measure doors are slightly different from the ones shown on the website. Please contact us for any more information regarding this made to measure service or click here for more information. 

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