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Mr Goodall - Wetherby kitchen

Mr Goodall - Wetherby kitchen
Mr Goodall - Wetherby kitchen Mr Goodall - Wetherby kitchen Mr Goodall - Wetherby kitchen

We recently fitted this high gloss cream Kitchen (latte) for Mr Goodall in Wetherby near Harrogate. The kitchen units were supplied rigid and installed by one of our professional kitchen fitters. This kitchen is fitted with solid European walnut worktops and A rare piece of granite on the island.

The kitchen cabinets are made from a matching 18mm matt cream board that matches the kitchen doors in colour. The hinges and drawers on these kitchen doors are German soft closing.

The kitchen island is the main cooking area in this kitchen. The hob fitted into the center of the island with all the ovens and fridges situated directly behind you when you are stood at the hob making this a great kitchen to cook in. like most islands that have the hob fitted into them, there is a ceiling hung extractor above, This extractor fan is vented outside, most ceiling hung extractors are not vented outside due to the fact that the ducting has to be fitted in to the ceiling and drilled through the wall before the ceiling is plastered, and you need to know exactly where you want your hob to located in the kitchen. This was a nice high gloss kitchen that was finished off beautifully with the solid walnut worktops, Mr and Mrs goodall where a pleasure to work for and very open to suggestions regarding improving the design of the kitchen that had been designed by a wetherby kitchen company local to them. overall i think the finished kitchen looks stunning

This is a extremely simple and very successful open plan kitchen living space that looks stunning and very practical to use.

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