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Mrs Lawe - West Sussex

Mrs Lawe - West Sussex
Mrs Lawe - West Sussex Mrs Lawe - West Sussex Mrs Lawe - West Sussex Mrs Lawe - West Sussex

This is the second kitchen we have bought from Kitchen Warehouse. We were impressed by the quality, price and customer service five years ago when we put a new kitchen in to our last house.

We’ve just completed a six-month renovation of our new house and it was natural and logical to discuss our new requirements with the Kitchen Warehouse team. 

We wanted a bespoke kitchen this time – pre-built carcasses with hand-made black plywood doors. A modern, monolithic, minimalist kitchen with a wow factor.

We were so happy when we first discussed our ideas with Daniel at Kitchen Warehouse – he completely ‘got’ our vision and was very flexible about supplying us with a carcass-only order.

Daniel worked very closely with us via almost-daily emails and phonecalls to plan the design. He had some great advice about achieving our look, planning out the flow of the kitchen, and what finish to give the carcasses. He went above and beyond his job remit – even giving us a list of doors and dimensions we could take to our plywood supplier who created the bespoke black doors for us.

We highly recommend Kitchen Warehouse for quality, customer service and price – we wouldn’t buy a kitchen from anyone else.


Q&A with Georgia Betts

How did you hear about Kitchen Warehouse?
Six years ago we put a new kitchen in our last house and, at the time, I did exhaustive research on sourcing the kitchen. I’m a very meticulous person and my research took me around a lot of show rooms, many websites and hours worth of phonecalls. After speaking to the Kitchen Warehouse team and ordering some sample doors, we decided to use them to supply our kitchen.

The kitchen exceeded my expectations – the quality and price were unbeatable. We had so many friends complimenting our kitchen and asking us where we got it from.

Why would you recommend Kitchen Warehouse?
When planning the kitchen in our new home, we naturally thought of using Kitchen Warehouse again. This time, however, we had a much bigger room, a grander design and a desire to produce something bespoke.

Daniel at Kitchen Warehouse took all our ideas and questions in his stride and was fantastic to work with. Kitchen Warehouse has got all the convenience of the online shop to compare units, dimensions and prices, but with the outstanding customer service of a family-run business where advice and support are only a phonecall away. I think they’re pretty unique in having this combination.

What is your favourite bit of your new kitchen?
I love our new kitchen – from its monolithic, minimalist design to the functionality of having lots of worktop space and a big fridge freezer.

There are smart, well-considered details too which make me very happy – the cleverly designed rubbish bin drawer, the double width 1200mm cabinets so I can see all my pantry food in one glance, the thick cupboard shelves that don’t sag under the weight of my dinner service.

I love it when the evening comes and I switch off the spotlights – the oak worktop glows under our softer pendant lighting and the room takes on a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

What advice would you give to anyone planning a new kitchen?
I’d say to spend a lot of time, early on, thinking about the functionality and design of the kitchen. Planning how you’ll move between the oven, sink and fridge to make the path as natural as possible. Once you’ve got that worked out, then you can think about storage – where more is more in my opinion! After that comes the time to think about aesthetics – what style do you like, what colour, how will the design link in with the rest of your house?

I’d also recommend getting to know your kitchen supplier well – the Kitchen Warehouse team supply hundreds of kitchens every year. They are experts and can give invaluable advice. Don’t be afraid to call them and ask what might feel like silly questions – they’ll be only too happy to help and your kitchen will undoubtedly be better for it.

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