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Contemporary Kitchen or Traditional Kitchen

Before you choose a new kitchen for your home you need to make one very important decision - is this going to be a contemporary kitchen or a traditional kitchen?

It is important to consider how you want the kitchen to look and feel after it has been renovated, as, after all, this kitchen is sure to stay with you for years to come after it has been installed!

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen design can also come in many different finish variations, from a high gloss, matt or even textured wood grain finish. As well as a large variety of finishes, contemporary kitchen styles are also available in a large selection of colours from a fresh white shade to a unique marine blue. When considering the combinations of style, colour, detail and design, the selections available to choose from are endless for your kitchen units and kitchen doors.

A range of kitchen accessories are also available from our expansive selection of kitchen appliances, including modern handles, soft closing hinges and waste bins. This ensures that you can keep on-trend with the modern kitchen and allows you to make your own mark on your own kitchen by personalising it to fit your own needs.

In order for a contemporary kitchen to be sleek in its design, the features need to be kept minimal and the lines of the kitchen need to flow and be unbroken. If you want to have your contemporary kitchen ideas to really deliver the wow factor, worktops should be kept completely clear making space feel calm, peaceful and inviting.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchens

The traditional style kitchen has used shaker since around the mid-18th century and will more than likely be around for another 100 years with its timeless style and traditional feel! The doors for this type of kitchen were traditionally made from four pieces of timber making an outer frame and then a solid panel was fitted in the centre making it five pieces in total. That is why they are known as a five-piece shaker kitchen door.

A timeless design that comes in many variations, traditional style kitchens can now have several door designs. This includes flat centred panels to raised and moulded centre panels, as well as a design where there is no beading around the framework or a moulded beading. Despite the range of traditional kitchen ideas we have here at Kitchen Warehouse, the fundamental design will ultimately always remain the same.

A good quality traditional kitchen is timeless and will, therefore, look as good as new for a very long time. If it is well maintained and the features and details are kept simple, it will be very hard to tell of a traditional kitchen. This is a massive plus should you ever decide to sell your home.

To discuss contemporary kitchens or traditional kitchens with our helpful team, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01765 640 000 or by emailing us at