Think handles are old hate these days? Well, not always…

Handles used to be the only option for your kitchen door up until recently, but as designs have evolved, handleless kitchen doors have emerged – proving very popular. But there are several reasons why having traditional handles on your doors can still be the right choice for your kitchen.

In this blog from Kitchen Warehouse, we take a look at how having handles can add practicality to your kitchen and provide a quirky design feature to your room.


The fundamental purpose of having handles on your replacement kitchen doors is so that you can open them easily . It is a pretty straightforward way of doing things, and guess what? They work really well.

Handleless kitchen doors are becoming very popular but do need a bit more cleaning time than traditional doors. The channel at  the top or side of the door that allows you to open them can gather a lot of dust, crumbs and dirt, and depending on the model, they can be difficult to clean.

If you prefer something more straightforward and practical, kitchen doors with handles can certainly provide this.

Handles provide contrast

Aside from their practical nature, handles offer something from a design point of view as well.

They can really enhance the look of your door, help to develop your design theme and really personalise your kitchen – making it unique to you.

For example, metal handles on wooden kitchen units create a timeless design that works really well in most kitchens. You can even experiment and create a style that has brightly coloured replacement kitchen door handles. This would be suited to a darker kitchen theme that has black or grey doors and can be used as an accent in the room to complement your main colour.

It may seem like a small detail, but your kitchen door and cupboard handles actually play a big part in the overall look and feel of your room.

Easily replaceable

Fitting replacement kitchen handles on a standard kitchen door is much easier than dealing with problems on a handleless kitchen door, which could sway your opinion towards handles, especially if these handles are going to be in regular use.

It is also cheaper to do as well. A new handle for one of your doors is not going to set you back a lot of money, whereas if something happened to the channel on a handleless door then you will probably need to replace the entire door. This might not be the main reason why you choose to purchase a kitchen door handle, but it is definitely something to consider!

Even though handleless doors bring a modern and sleek look to your room, many people still prefer to go down the traditional route. The three reasons we have set out in this post show just why handles are not going away anytime soon. They are practical, offer  endless  design opportunities and can be easily replaced for a small cost too.

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