One of the more modern kitchen trends that we have seen in recent years has been a shift to handleless kitchen doors.

They aren’t anything new. In fact, they have been incorporated as part of minimalist kitchen designs for many years. However, it is only recently that we have noticed a big demand for kitchen doors without handles and a glossy finish.

There are many reasons why installing handleless kitchen doors is great for the design of your room- not to mention having practical and safety aspects as well. Our range of handleless doors are among the most popular replacement kitchen doors that we sell.

If you are thinking of installing handleless doors in your kitchen then read our short guide first to see how they can be of benefit you both practically and aesthetically.

They Promote Ultra-Modern Style

handleless kitchen doors

There isn’t another kitchen door range that can produce the same ultra-modern design as handleless doors.

While they have been used in minimalist designs for a while now, it is only recently that they have become a common element of creating an everyday modern looking kitchen. Compare standard kitchen doors to our Handleless high gloss doors for example- it’s easy to see just why many people choose the handleless option.

They blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, create a shiny and fresh look, as well as sticking to their minimalistic principles while promoting an ultra-modern style. Anyone who needs to drag their kitchen into the 21st century and wants a cutting-edge design should consider these handleless doors.

Create A Flow Between Rooms

Many people have a combined kitchen and dining area.

Not only is this a practical way of cooking, serving and eating food but it creates a relaxed and open space in the home. Designing the two can be difficult a difficult prospect because they are often very different rooms with contrasting atmospheres.

With handleless kitchen doors, you can create an aesthetically pleasing design flow between the two areas. With these doors, you will achieve a smooth transition between the two spaces and they are perfect for open plan living. Incorporating handleless doors means that you can design the two rooms at once without one area sticking out from the other.

In fact, if you are renovating your home and thinking of combining the two rooms, then handleless kitchen doors help to create a seamless design.

They Are Safer And More Hygienic

We have been looking at our handleless kitchen doors so far simply from a design point of view.

Not only do they achieve a modern style but they also contribute to a safer and more hygienic kitchen. This is not something that many people think about. By not having any kitchen doors handles then there is less places for dirt and grime to hide and become trapped. These doors are much easier to clean and maintain and you don’t need to scrub in hard to get to places.

They also achieve a much safer space so that children or even pets can injure themselves on the handles – for adults, it means that loose clothing won’t be caught either.

Are There Any Downsides To Handleless Kitchen Doors?

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we are all about providing you with the information and expert advice needed to make an informed choice on what is right for your kitchen and your home.

One problem many people have when redesigning their kitchen is budget. Handleless kitchen doors are slightly more expensive than their handle counterparts – for instance our Lucente white kitchen doors are just over £4 more expensive for the smallest door than the high gloss white doors with handles. For those on a tight budget this can certainly add up.

The groove at the top of the handleless kitchen doors that is there for opening and closing the door can also become chipped or damaged and is not as durable as handles themselves although the door itself is just as strong and long lasting.

It isn’t really a case of sacrificing practicality for style because both handleless doors and kitchen doors with handles from the Kitchen Warehouse LTD are durable and look great.

You really need to decide what you want for your kitchen and if you are after a minimalist and modern design then our handleless kitchen door range certainly provide this.

Try Our Sample Handleless Doors

We can provide you with a sample of any of our handleless kitchen doors for a small fee. In fact you can pick up a sample from us for as little as £9.98.

This gives you the opportunity to see if the style of the door fits in with what you want for your kitchen. It can also allow you to see how our doors work in person and to decide if they are practical.

We are happy to assist you every step of the way with your choice and you can get in contact with us by a variety of channels including visiting our showroom which is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

If you have any other questions about our handleless kitchen doors then just let us know!